REALTOR® relationships have helped build Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas from the beginning.

For over 20 years we’ve been a trusted real-estate industry partner, by nurturing those REALTOR® relationships.

We provide scientifically-backed and quality foundation-repair for your clients. We understand as a real-estate professional, you need the most consistent and professional partners. We also understand you choose to trust us not only with your clients’ homes, but also with your reputation.

We choose to foster our existing strong ties with real-estate associations across the state of Texas, including:

Perma-Pier Values All Our REALTOR® Relationships

As a real-estate agent, your reputation is your business. We understand you’ve worked hard to grow and promote your professional brand.

We value our REALTOR® relationships and look to be your trusted partner to help protect your client’s foundation, as well as your reputation.

We have been backed by science and industry trust for over 20 years. We use science during our evaluation process to assess soils, landscaping, slope, grading, and structural concerns before we put together a unique plan of repair for your clients.

Not every home needs foundation repairs, but as you know Texas clay soils continually shift from season to season and affect a home’s foundation.

We offer a variety of repair methods, including landscaping and drainage solutions. Not every home or issue is the same; we will provide the best possible solution to you and your clients.

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    REALTOR® Relationships & Perma-Pier

    Perma-Pier offers transferrable warranties. Find out why our history in Texas makes our warranty worth so much more than most warranties out there.


    When it comes to buying and selling houses, we know every dollar counts. We offer different payment options to best help your clients with foundation repair expenses:

    Perma-Pier understands selling a home brings high stress, especially if it’s a home with a potential foundation issue! Help ease your client’s stress by using Perma-Pier’s Funding at Closing payment method. This method allows your client to pay us out of any equity they receive, once you’ve sold their home. Your client avoids up-front fees to have their foundation repaired. We are here to help you help your client!

    You want a company, which easily and professionally adapts to unexpected changes. Texas soils and unforeseen external complications don’t align with a solution an engineer initially envisioned. We have full-scale repair solutions and over 20 years experience with these soils, as well as foundations. Perma-Pier offers unique and fully-customizable plans of repair. If there is a tighter timeline on a project, Perma-Pier can add appropriate crew members to expedite the completion date.

    We at Perma-Pier understand each property’s unique considerations, i.e., multi-level structures, grading & drainage issues, unique soil types of Texas, pools, sprinkler systems, landscaping, etc. By accurately evaluating underlying issues—not just “fixing” the symptoms—Perma-Pier minimizes your property’s downtime, as well as the disruption associated with a typical foundation repair.

    You’ll find partnering with Perma-Pier and our level of service, professionalism, and transparency will not only result in a superior repair to your client’s foundation, but it will also reflect positively upon you as an agent. To learn more about what Perma-Pier can offer you as a trusted partner, contact us.

    What our customers say

    First, let me say I’m a realtor as well as an investor who has worked with foundation companies large and small. Perma-Pier is always responsive and easy to work with. I have had several clients either selling or buying homes who had lifetime transferrable warranties, and Jasmine in the warranty department is always great to work with! They got us on the schedule quickly — on several occasions — to have the readings verified that the repair was holding as intended. It’s nice to know that when you need them, they are ready, willing, and able to service the lifetime transferrable warranty!

    Realtor Investor

    I’m a realtor with RE/MAX Wichita Falls, and had a buyer whose home needed some foundation work. Perma-Pier had it all: the right solution, the knowledge and insight to get the job done, and the experts to get it done quickly at a good price. My buyer now has the peace of mind of a warrantied foundation repair for their new home. I can’t say enough good things about everyone I worked with — from Don Evon as he did the estimate, Aubrey Kincaid as we scheduled the work, to Carlos and his crew who did the work! Great job, great results!!

    Realtor RE/MAX Wichita Falls

    Texas Foundation Experts

    Find out why Perma-Pier can truly say we “know your dirt.” Our knowledge of Texas soils — and what we do with that knowledge — are unmatched.

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