Foundation repair is such a large industry in Texas because of the highly expansive clay underneath and surrounding home foundations. Most Texas soils have a high clay content, which causes a shrinking and swelling of the soil as the clay absorbs and loses moisture in changing seasons. Due to years-long droughts throughout Texas, the clayey soils are shrinking and causing foundations to “fail.” Although this may be the norm, other homeowners experience the exact opposite problem. Due to improper landscaping, irrigation, and drainage certain areas of soil are getting TOO much water. This causes the clays to expand and “heave” or lift the foundation. When the foundation has heaved, no type of pier will fix the problem. This is when you need a company experienced with correcting foundation drainage issues.


While many different types of companies are able to install drainage systems, a homeowner should always consider using a qualified foundation repair company to correct drainage issues that are affecting the foundation. It is important that the impact of the drain on the foundation and soil be considered when determining what size and type of drain to use. Depending on the affected home’s situation, we might recommend one of a number of different foundation drainage systems. No matter what drain system is installed, they all have the same 3 main purposes: 1. Collect water 2. Move water through pipes and 3. Discharge the water where it will not cause more problems.

Sometimes the landscaping in combination with run-off water will erode the soil around the home. This can be a dangerous issue if left unchecked. Without the proper support, a foundation can shift and move. This is considered so important that certain loan programs will not lend on a home in which the soil has eroded away from the foundation.

Without a permanent fix, these issues will continue to arise no matter how much fill dirt is brought in. Often, a retaining wall will fix this issue permanently. Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas exclusively installs interlocked stone walls in order to provide the best, most permanent solution for our customers.

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