As a builder, your reputation is tied to the professionals you work with. You want a foundation repair company that’s more than just a service provider — you want a trusted partner that adds to your reputation rather than detracts from it.

You want a company that will explain their process beforehand. At Perma-Pier, we conduct a pre-construction meeting — onsite if possible — with the homeowner and your representative. During this meeting, we will explain the repair process to all parties involved – step-by-step — so there are no surprises. That having been said…

You want a company that can quickly adapt to changes. Life doesn’t always work out the way an engineer envisioned it. With our multiple foundation repair solutions, full-time geologist, and quarter of a century of experience with Texas soils and foundations, Perma-Pier has the resources and experience to adapt to any changes. Additionally, Perma-Pier has the ability to add more workers as needed.

You want someone who understands the individual needs of a given property: properties with multiple floors, grading/drainage issues, the unique soil types of Texas, pools, sprinkler systems, and all points in between. By correctly evaluating the underlying problems — not just the obvious symptoms — Perma-Pier will minimize your property’s downtime and the disruption associated with a lengthy repair job.

You want a full-time liaison between you and your crew. Perma-Pier will assign you a liaison — a single point of contact available to you 24/7 — to eliminate multiple communications, unknowns and unnecessary stress.

You want a company that respects your property. Perma-Pier assigns each job to an onsite supervisor who keeps your jobsite organized and running smoothly. Our crews allocate a portion of each workday to clean up the jobsite, both for safety reasons and to minimize the visual impact of a jobsite.

You want a trusted partner that holds memberships with the major foundation/builder bodies in Texas. Perma-Pier holds memberships with the following: Dallas Builders Association, Greater Houston Builders Association, Foundation Performance Association, Texas Builders Association, and National Association of Home Builders.

Finally, you want someone who comes highly recommended. You wouldn’t hire a contractor without performing your due diligence. Why wouldn’t you do the same with your foundation repair company? Below are a few testimonials from satisfied builders and property owners who have used Perma-Pier for their commercial foundation repair needs

You will find that working with Perma-Pier will not only result in a superior repair to your foundation, but our level of service, professionalism and transparency will reflect positively upon you as a builder. To learn more about what Perma-Pier can offer you as a trusted partner, contact us or schedule your no charge evaluation today.

What our customers say

Scott Blevin at Perma-Pier is awesome! He is a straight shooter and isn’t afraid to tell you that you DON’T need work on your house. That type of honesty is rare. I refer everyone to him.

Brent G.

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