At Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas, we take great pride in our Builder Division, which works with national, state, and local home builders. Holding memberships with the Dallas Builders Association, Greater Houston Builders Association, the Foundation Performance Association, Texas Builders Association, and National Association of Home Builders, we strive to lead our industry in cutting edge methods of foundation repair.

Our new home foundation repair experts specialize in understanding the construction process of new homes as a whole. Without this comprehensive knowledge and understanding of a home builder’s process, an accurate repair plan would be impossible. Our foundation evaluators are specifically educated on the builder’s process including: site drainage, retaining walls, grading around a home, lot development, and land development as a whole.


Perma-Pier’s evaluators understand that post-tension slabs are designed to move in clayey soils. The most difficult task for any evaluator working with a home under warranty is not to determine if a slab has moved, but to determine whether that movement is within warranty standards. The process used by our builder division specialists consists of a full assessment of the home and site specific issues that could be affecting the foundation. This methodical approach to the evaluation of foundation is also guided by common sense, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” At Perma-Pier Foundation Repair, all our repair plans are engineered repairs and will come with a report from a licensed, third party engineer.

When a home exceeds “warranty standards,” there is no other foundation repair company more qualified to permanently fix your problem. Our lift expertise is unmatched; we always provide a lasting solution to distressed homeowners. Our most permanent repair consists of creating a suspended slab with steel piers. This is accomplished by installing a sufficient number of steel or concrete piers, depending on your location, throughout the underside of a concrete slab in order to lift the entire home 4”-8” off the soil on which it sits. This process negates the effect of active clay soils by providing a void between the slab foundation and the soil beneath. Because of our technical knowledge of slab construction and concrete strength we are able to perform these types of repairs without over-engineering the repair plan, thus providing a permanent solution with fewer piers than many of our competitors.

Due to the vast amount of time, labor, and effort a full lift requires, it is essential that all parties involved have proper expectations. This includes the builder, homeowner, and the chosen foundation repair company. At Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas, we conduct a pre-construction meeting before work begins, on-site if possible, with the homeowner and the builder’s representative. During this meeting we thoroughly explain the repair process with all parties involved.

Interior piers are installed by tunneling underneath from access points around the exterior of home. This allows us to install piers without breaking through the floors inside the home and avoid inconveniencing the homeowner. Most repairs are accomplished without disturbing the interior of the home.

Having a sister plumbing company allows Perma-Pier Foundation Repair to offer a full turnkey solution to our clients by working with Black Tie Plumbing. When repairs are needed, Perma-Pier offers a customized solution that will address the entire repair process, eliminating the confusion that comes from making 2 separate and independent companies attempt to coordinate their efforts. Combining the repairs of the foundation and plumbing system also translates to savings for the builder and/or homeowner because tunneling crews can work together to effectively expose all plumbing lines while tunneling to install interior piers. While working with Black Tie Plumbing is not required, we are confident that we offer the best solutions to whatever problems arise.

Payment Options

Perma-Pier’s customized approach to repairing your foundation extends to financing as well. We understand that your financial situation – not unlike your foundation – should have a customized solution.

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