If your home is your castle, then your commercial property is likely your empire. We at Perma-Pier understand that a commercial foundation problem can have a huge impact on your revenue stream, as well as on the lives of those who trust your structure. With our 25-year track record of solving complex commercial foundation issues—on properties as tall as six stories—Perma-Pier has the experience your commercial property needs.

You want a foundation repair company that will respect your tenants—not just while on the property—but also in how they respect the time of everyone who is inconvenienced by a commercial foundation problem. We know that your tenants aren’t just a source of income—they’re often friends and family. Whether your commercial property functions as a school, an apartment, or an office building, we will respect your tenants’ time and money by conducting an in-depth, no charge evaluation, so we can get in and out as quickly as possible, while providing the best solution for your property.

You want someone who understands the individual needs of a given commercial property: properties with multiple floors, grading/drainage issues, wet environments such as industrial kitchens/restaurants, high-traffic areas, pedestrian bridges, sign supports, the unique soil types of Texas, pools, sprinkler systems, and all points in between. By accurately evaluating the cause of the foundation problem — not just fixing the symptoms — Perma-Pier can minimize your property’s downtime and the disruption associated with an inaccurately diagnosed commercial foundation issue.

You want a trusted partner — someone who will be around for as long as your foundation, someone you can turn to for future commercial investments. With Perma-Pier’s transferrable warranty and 25 years of business in Texas, we’ll be with you every step of the way: from evaluation, to repair, to well into the future.

You want a partner that can grow with your business. Perma-Pier’s service areas cover all of the major population centers of Texas: Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.

Finally, you want someone who comes highly-recommended. You wouldn’t take on a tenant without performing your due diligence. Why wouldn’t you do the same with your commercial foundation repair company? Read a few reviews from our satisfied commercial property owners and managers.

Payment Options

Perma-Pier’s customized approach to repairing your foundation extends to financing as well. We understand that your financial situation – not unlike your foundation – should have a customized solution.

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