Like anyone, most property owners dread having to deal with a foundation issue. That issue becomes even more complex when you have a unique commercial structure such as a school, hospital, strip center or apartment complex. You have tenants to consider, downtime to calculate, and many other factors unique to your commercial property. Who do you choose? How do you know which repair solution is the best solution? It can be a daunting task that affects one of your single greatest investments.

At Perma-Pier, every commercial foundation repair plan is unique. A one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work. Any company that gives you a solution plan and an estimate before calculating all the factors that led to your foundation problem is either 1) overcharging you, or 2) attempting to solve your unique foundation issue with a blanket remedy that might be more than you need, or worse: it might not even work. Before you choose any foundation repair company, there are ten questions you should ask of them. Perma-Pier has the answers you need, and offers you the following solutions and services:

  • Perma-Pier offers specific solutions for slab foundations, signs to look for in a slab foundation failure, and variables that must be considered before formulating a customized solution.
  • Pier and beam foundations require their own unique solutions, as well as their own signs to look for in a pier and beam foundation failure, and variables that must be considered before formulating a customized solution.
  • Perma-Pier offers permanent solutions to erosion, drainage and landscaping issues that may be undermining your foundation – in spite of previous fixes that may have only treated the symptom but not the underlying cause.

Of course, you don’t have to simply take our word for it. You wouldn’t hire a contractor without performing your due diligence, why wouldn’t you do the same with your commercial foundation repair company?

To learn more about Perma-Pier’s customized Solutions and Services, and what our team of experts can offer you as a trusted partner, feel free to contact us or schedule your no charge evaluation today.

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