Waco Gas Station/Convenience Store

Project Details

  • Standalone retail
  • Slab Foundation
  • 7 days
  • Waco
  • Mudjacking, concrete piers

This smaller property, a gas station/convenience store with a foundation that failed due to trees pulling the moisture out of the soil, required a fairly simple solution. Mudjacking and concrete piers – steel pilings weren’t required for this type of issue – were all that was needed to stabilize the foundation. The store was fully operational during the seven-day repair.

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This repair was fairly straightforward. The client – a national chain of gas stations and convenience stores – noticed the floor towards the rear of their gas station/convenience store was separating from the walls, a clear indication that the foundation was sinking. Initial evaluation determined that several large trees at the rear of the property were the underlying cause of the foundation failure, as they pulled moisture out of the soil at a higher than normal rate, causing the soil underneath to shrink and no longer support the concrete slab.

This repair was conducted during business hours, with no disruption of the operation of the gas station/convenience store. The foundation was raised, using a combination of 1200 square-feet of mudjacking and the installation of 20 concrete piers underneath the rear section of the foundation. In this repair, double-walled steel pilings were not needed, so less-expensive (though perfectly suited to this repair) concrete piers were employed. The repair took seven days from start to finish.

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