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Perma-Pier has been serving customers in Fort Worth for over two decades and is a member of the following local trade associations: Arlington Board of Realtors, Greater Fort Worth Association of Realtors, and the Apartment Association of Tarrant County. Perma-Pier is locally and actively involved in all aspects of the foundation repair business in Fort Worth.

Don’t postpone crucial foundation repairs during COVID-19. Perma-Pier is currently conducting virtual inspections using the video-conferencing tools you’re already familiar with — plus, we’ll even send you a “how-to” guide to help you use them. During these uncertain times, Perma-Pier experts remain at the ready with a safety-first approach. You stay at home; we’ll keep your home’s foundation going strong.

Getting to Know Fort Worth’s Soil

There’s a reason why we don’t lump Fort Worth and Dallas together when it comes to foundation repair. Quite simply, the soils in Fort Worth are different from those in Dallas – or anywhere else in Texas – and we understand how to handle those differences. Homes on Eagle Mountain Lake will be heavily influenced by their proximity to such a large body of water, whereas older pier and beam foundations, like those found in Fairmount, will behave in an entirely different manner.

Western and Central Tarrant County consists of several different limestone formations (the Washita group) made up of limestone and shale that produce a variety of clay-rich soils with rocky shallow soil horizons. Eastern Tarrant county is supported by Woodbine sandstone, a picturesque rolling topography dominated by sandy loams and clay-rich soils. These sandier soils allow for subsurface water movement and require special consideration. This propensity for water movement can easily compromise the foundations of Fort Worth homes.

Fort Worth Foundation Repair Services

Our Fort Worth-based foundation repair services include:

  • No charge evaluations
  • Soil analysis
  • Commercial and residential repairs
  • Builder and real estate agency programs
  • Transferable warranty
  • Drainage and landscaping solutions

Regardless of the soil type your home or commercial property sits on, recognizing the signs of foundation problems as soon as possible can save you thousands. And you can save yourself even more money by having the repair done right the first time.

To have one of Perma-Pier’s team of experts draw up a customized approach to repairing your Fort Worth residential or commercial foundation, schedule your no charge evaluation today.

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    What our customers say

    I cannot say enough good things about Scott at Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas! He was on-time (which is #1 killer in my book), professional, and knowledgeable. Scott asked about my concerns and explained to me what types of things indicate a foundation problem. I don’t have a problem yet; but Scott did give me some tips on how to prevent issues down the road. I truly appreciate Scott treating me with respect and not making me feel badly that what I thought was an issue really isn’t one. Bonus!! Scott knows a thing or two about landscaping, so I was able to bounce a few ideas off him, and he was able to give me feedback on what could be a possible solution for me. Thank you, Scott!!

    Anna W.

    Payment Options

    Perma-Pier’s customized approach to repairing your foundation extends to financing as well. We understand that your financial situation – not unlike your foundation – should have a customized solution.

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