Residential Home with secure foundation


Your foundation - whether slab or pier & beam - is affected by at least one of the sixty soil types found in Texas. Perma-Pier’s residential foundation repair services include a customized approach to solving your foundation issues. Choosing Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas ensures you have a company which:

  • Understands slab foundation repair
  • Understands pier & beam foundation repair
  • Provides drainage-correction solutions
  • Offers top-tier expertise and customer service at family-friendly pricing
  • Helps protect your home's value

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Commercial townhouses with secure foundation


Perma-Pier's history of providing solutions for commercial properties - spanning from multifamily to warehouses to institutional buildings - throughout the state of Texas and surrounding regions, is backed testimonials and case studies. As your partner, we:

  • Work in a professional manner, which shows respect for you and your tenants
  • Provide specialized solutions, i.e., foundation repair, drainage correction, concrete leveling, and retaining walls
  • Help protect your investment and your budget
  • Strive to be a trusted partner and remain highly recommended by industry peers

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