Concrete leveling, slab leveling, pressure grouting – also known as “mudjacking” — is the process in which a mixture of grout and/or concrete, or “mud,” is injected from atop the foundation via a small hole drilled through the foundation to the void underneath. Then, the physics of hydraulic pressure take over and lift the foundation up to a prescribed distance, eliminating the deflection.

While there will be the need to access the interior of your building or home to drill, fill, and subsequently patch a small hole, mudjacking is still one of the faster and least invasive types of foundation repair when interior lift is needed. This method eliminates the need to break through large sections of the slab to access the underside of your foundation. Other benefits include quick turnaround time – with most repairs being completed in the same day, as well as the ability to be conducted in any kind of weather, as the repair primarily takes place indoors.

Still, as with any foundation repair, this method has its limitations, and is only as good as the soil underneath your home, and the quality of your existing foundation. With the excess weight and force being introduced underneath your foundation, poor soils may settle further and faulty slabs may fail, which means your foundation needs a more robust solution.

The Mudjacking Process

The entire process is pretty straightforward: We begin by measuring your entire foundation at various locations to determine exactly how much “deflection” (the amount of distance your foundation is out of level) your foundation has. Then, we identify which sections will need to be raised.

Once we’ve located where to place the injection site onto your slab, we drill a small access hole and begin pumping the “mud” underneath your foundation until it has reached level. Once the foundation has been leveled, we patch the hole and replace any flooring that was removed in the process. Your foundation will be ready for load-bearing in as little as 24 hours, unlike replaced concrete that requires almost a month to cure.

Watch this video of Perma-Pier’s foundation repair solutions from measurement to completion. The featured foundation repair in this video incorporated several repair solutions – including mudjacking.

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