Getting the answers you need requires first knowing what questions to ask. As foundation specialists, we understand that the process of selecting a foundation repair company can be a daunting one. To that end, we have created a list of the top ten questions you should ask — and the answers that you deserve — of any foundation repair company before you allow them onto your property.

  1. Is your foundation company insured? Why is it important that they are insured if they’re working on your property? If they aren’t, you (and your insurance policy) could be liable should anything go wrong while they are on your property. Perma-Pier has a two million dollar comprehensive liability policy and a five million dollar umbrella policy, so you don’t have to worry.
  2. How many workers are on each crew, and how long will the foundation repair take to complete?
    Many foundation companies only have two or three crewmembers per job, which causes the repair to take three to four times longer to complete. Our crews have six to seven members, in order to get the job done quickly. The quicker the job is done, the less money you lose in downtime.
  3. What is your BBB rating?
    A Better Business Bureau rating doesn’t guarantee zero problems, but it does reflect on how a company takes care of its customers when and if a problem arises. Perma-Pier’s rating is A+. With 2500 residential jobs each year — in addition to all of the commercial and new homebuilder jobs —there will be a few glitches, but Perma-Pier has resolved every issue that has arisen.
  4. What type of soil do I have and what does it mean?
    The type of soil your home or commercial foundation is on determines the type of pier that is best for that repair. Perma-Pier doesn’t believe in a one-size approach to foundation repair. One reason is that there are over 60 different soil types in Texas. Another is because every foundation failure is unique. We will run a soil analysis to determine which type of stabilization is best for your particular soil and foundation.
  5. How long has your foundation repair company been in business?
    Many companies will tell you they have been doing this for a long time. But what they don’t tell you is they have only used the name they are using now for a couple of years, because they didn’t want to keep servicing the warranty on previous jobs. Perma-Pier has been in the foundation repair business for a quarter of a century, and has proudly stood by our warranties since day one.
  6. What about cleanup when the job is done?
    Some companies will leave a mess in your surrounding landscaping after working on your foundation, or they may charge you extra for returning your property to its previous state. Perma-Pier will remove any unused soil and make your property’s exterior as clean or cleaner than when we started. We will re-plant any shrubs that have to be removed, but there are never any guarantees on whether they will live. There may be irrigation lines that we can’t see when we do the repair. We will try to avoid them, but there may be some repairs needed that remain the property owner’s responsibility. In short, we at Perma-Pier will do everything reasonably possible to not only repair your foundation, but also return your property to its previous condition, leaving you 100% satisfied with our work.
  7. Why is your Stabilization Plan the best for my situation?
    Most companies only offer one or two types of foundation repair, and when they do the assessment on your foundation, by great coincidence, that will just happen to be the type of pier you need. Perma-Pier will design your plan based on what is right for you — not for what type of “repair” we have to offer. That’s because we offer all types, including pressed concrete, steel piers, drilled piers, drainage, soil treatment, grading, pier and beam understructure work and retaining walls.
  8. Are your crews subcontractors or day laborers?
    Subcontractors and day laborers are not employees of the company that hires them. As such, if they are negligent, the company could pass that responsibility off — then you and your insurance policy are at risk. At Perma-Pier, all of our installation team members are full-time employees covered by worker’s compensation.
  9. What type of warranty do you offer for foundation repair?
    The vast majority of Perma-Pier’s stabilization systems come with a transferable warranty that INCLUDES adjustments and a zero deductible.
  10. What does plumbing have to do with my foundation?
    Anytime you repair a foundation, there is up to a 35% chance that there will be a plumbing leak. That is why we always do a post-lift plumbing test on both the sanitary and fresh water system.

We feel confident that if you ask these questions of any foundation repair company you might be considering for your repair job, you will come up with only one concrete answer. With our history in Texas, our trained staff, transferable warranty, and multiple foundation repair and financing options, Perma-Pier is the best choice for your foundation repair needs.

Payment Options

Perma-Pier’s customized approach to repairing your foundation extends to financing as well. We understand that your financial situation – not unlike your foundation – should have a customized solution.

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