At Perma-Pier, our hearts go out to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We know that your home is one of the most precious assets to you and your family. We want to help provide you important information on how flooding can affect your home’s foundation and how you can begin the repair process.

During a catastrophic flooding event, your foundation is likely to experience movement. This movement is typically experienced after the water subsides and the soil starts to dry out. How much movement depends on the amount of water, duration of the flood, your property itself, and the type of soil your foundation sits on.

A thorough inspection of your property’s foundation will be required to assess its condition. To avoid adding further stress to an already stressful situation, it is important to make sure the foundation company you choose is insured, uses its own employees and is a certified FEMA partner.

Perma-Pier currently has repair crews in the Houston area helping with cleanup efforts.

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