Tips To Keep Your Pier & Beam Foundation Healthy

April 1, 2019

What is a Pier and Beam Foundation? Pier and beam foundations are one of the oldest types of foundations, typically built prior to the 1960s. With this type of foundation, the floor of the home is elevated around 18 inches off the ground, supported by concrete piers or blocks.

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Foundation Repair Myths Busted: 4 Things Not To Believe

March 14, 2019

Foundation repair myths cause many concerns. You knew there would be to consider when you bought a house. Some roofs only last 20 years and hot water heaters only last for eight to 12. But the last thing you wanted when you bought a home was a cracked or settling foundation.

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Foundation Repair: Top 10 Signs Your Home Needs It

March 11, 2019

Foundation repair seems inconvenient, but it is better to tackle sooner rather than later. Your home purchase comes with responsibility for the repairs and maintenance on your new property. Foundation repairs are not usually the first repair that comes to mind when you’re making your next big investment.

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Common Foundation Types: What They Mean to Your Home

March 7, 2019

Knowledge of common foundation types will help you understand how your commercial property or your home is protected. It also helps you understand how different types of foundations can show different signs of foundation failure. How do you know what foundation problems make the foundation repairs on your property necessary?

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Foundation Failure: Is Your Soil To Blame?

March 1, 2019

Foundation failure and Texas soil can go hand-in-hand. Of course failure can be caused by many different problems, but one common issue is the soil surrounding your home. Soil expands and contracts throughout the year, just like wood. This is because of the moisture in the ground and how it’s affected by temperature levels.

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Winter Prep List for Your Foundation

January 28, 2019

Download as PDF A winter prep list followed closely will help you get ahead of potential foundation issues related to the cold. In most parts of Texas we enjoy very nice, subtle, almost non-winter weather, but it is important to prepare for the unexpected. Winter-Prep Tips for You to Protect Your Foundation WRAP EXPOSED PIPES

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Your Windows and Your Foundation

November 5, 2018

Your windows can be a peek into foundation issues you didn't realize you had. This article helps you understand how.

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Foundation Repair Warranty Myths: Top 5

October 8, 2018

Foundation repair warranty myths cause customers many frustrations. We understand these frustrations and continually work to find best processes to help support our lifetime transferable warranty. We do not charge our warranty customers for inspections, adjustments, or claims.

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