Why is My Yard a Lake? Reasons Why Drainage Systems Flood

A properly functioning drainage systems is crucial not just to your foundation but to the overall health of your yard. When you see water pooling in your yard or experience severe floods, you may be suffering from severe drainage system problems.

Understanding the causes of yard flooding can help you and your professional drainage expert find a solution that works right for you. Some of these solutions will be DIY friendly: others will require a highly trained professional.

House at the Bottom of a Hill

Owning a house at the bottom of a hill is a rough situation from a drainage perspective. Water will flow down directly towards your home where it will gather and flood up your yard. Many homeowners just give up trying to fight this problem and just wait for the water to evaporate.

What a big mistake. That pooled water can seriously damage the health of your lawn, cause irreparable erosion, and even eat away at your home’s foundation. Simply throwing your hands in the air and giving up is not an acceptable solution.

Instead, you need to get a sump pump installed in your yard. Attach a long hose to the pump and run it over the hill and towards a water source, if possible. Turn on the pump whenever water starts to pool and watch it get sucked away for good.

Poor Yard Grading

Yard grading is designed to slope away from your home and pull water away from your yard and foundation. Unfortunately, poor grading can either cause water to stay stagnate where it falls or even force it to flow directly toward your home and its beleaguered foundation.

Unfortunately, this problem isn’t always caused by human error. Over time, your grading can gradually wear down to nothing due to erosion. This is especially true in wetter areas of Texas or areas impacted by high winds.

How can you fix this problem? You may be able to do it by yourself. Simply add dirt around your yard to make sure it slopes away from your home by a ratio of six inches for every 10 feet. This backbreaking job will take multiple dirt movers and hours, if not days, of work.

Why go through all that trouble just to save a little money? Call a contractor or a drainage expert and have them shift your grading to the proper angle. It’s a job that’s easy enough for professional excavators to handle in an hour or two.

Too Many Plants

Plants and trees are beautiful additions to any yard and are essential for avoiding serious erosion damage. However, too many plants and trees near your home can actually be a serious problem that can cause flooding.

This problem is caused by root systems. Basically, they naturally draw water and hold it there while its slowly absorbed over time. Excessive roots can also cause denser soil, which makes it harder for water to absorb into the soil. This is especially true next to the concrete foundations that support most Texas homes.

Fixing the problem is as simple as removing trees or shrugs that are within six to 10 feet of your home. You don’t have to eliminate them entirely: just move them about 10 feet away from their original position and things should be fine.

If your yard is suffering from these common drainage problems, contact us right away. We will find a solution that works right for you and give you the yard you’ve always dreamed of having.

It may not even be a bad idea to have us inspect your foundation while we’re there: you never know what kind of damage that pooled water has been causing.

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