When You See These 4 Signs of Trouble, Call for a Free Foundation Inspection!

The professionals at Perma-Pier do more than just provide Texas residents and business owners with an exceptional foundation repair service. We also offer a free foundation inspection to any building owner who suspects that there might be trouble. In fact, we provide this service to real estate professionals and prospective homebuyers, too. Since we believe that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, we succeed at catching issues before they become big problems. Four signs of trouble stand out.

1. Tree roots. That huge old tree in your yard provides excellent shade and is beautiful to look at. Yet its gnarled above-ground roots seem to embrace your house. In fact, its subterranean roots can wreak havoc with your home’s foundation. They have the strength to push up the foundation or even separate it. Tree root barriers easily prevent problems from occurring and frequently preserve the trees that you love. They can become a preventative measure or part of a repair project.

2. Doors stick during certain times. It all comes down to soil moisture. Although you cannot really see it, the moisture content of your soil tells our experts quite a story with respect to the risks your foundation faces. Insufficient site drainage is just as dangerous as the erosion brought on by inexpertly done grading. Since the soil underneath your building is most likely expansive clay, inconsistent moisture saturation results in uneven contractions as well as expansions. The part of your home that suffers is the foundation. Did you know that something as innocuous as a slowly leaking pool or an inadequate gutter system can place your home in danger, too?

3. A moving crack. Seasonal foundation movement is actually quite common. We have already discussed the clay makeup of the local soil. Along those lines, homeowners sometimes notice a crack in their Sheetrock that seems to grow during the summer but – like magic – almost closes completely during the wet winter months. While this does not necessarily call for immediate action, it is a sign that you need a foundation inspection to get a baseline reading on the current condition of the slab. If conditions worsen, it is easier for an expert to tailor a repair to previously measured movements of the foundation.

4. Uneven floors. This actually falls under the heading of losing the full enjoyment of your structure. It is a common misconception that every foundation problem calls for an immediate – and costly – repair. This is simply not the truth. Some issues are quick and simple to fix. Others you just need to keep an eye on. That said, there are some situations where a foundation repair is indicated – and this is one of them.

A homeowner may not really notice the changes to the structure at first. Adaptations are being made while these alterations gradually occur. Case in point is the floor slope that gets gradually worse. In the beginning, the homeowner might just add a few area rugs or move the furniture. Yet to someone entering the home for the first time, the slope becomes uncomfortably obvious right away. It is this second set of eyes that makes a free foundation inspection so valuable. Sometimes a home’s residents think that their feeling of discomfort or lack of balance in one room is really just “in their heads.” We can confirm whether it is a valid problem or not.

During our free foundation inspection, we gladly evaluate current engineer reports, pictures and inspection reports that you may have received from others. The good news is that a foundation does not fall apart overnight. It is a slow process that provides you ample warning signs. Contact us at the first incidents of these warning signs so that we can apply our ounce of prevention.

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Perma-Pier’s customized approach to repairing your foundation extends to financing as well. We understand that your financial situation – not unlike your foundation – should have a customized solution.

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