Three Foundation Repair Myths Exposed

Facts aren’t decided by consensus. They simply are. It doesn’t matter how many people believe in something or how fast it went viral on the Internet, if the belief is false, it’s a myth. Myths are fine if they’re the subject of fairy tales or fiction. Otherwise, they are detrimental to the person trying to make an informed decision, especially on a serious issue such as what to do about their damaged foundation. Unfortunately, the subject of foundation repair has its fair share of myths. Here are three of them we would like to clear up:

A Home That’s Had Foundation Repair Is Unsellable

Most homes in the region that encompasses Fort Worth, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston are built on expansive clay soil which is highly unstable. Foundation problems are a fact of life for many of the home owners there, and if foundation repair destroys one’s prospects of selling their home, then the real estate business in this area would be thoroughly depressed. However, the Dallas-Fort Worth area has the hottest housing market in the country.

A home that’s had foundation repair done by a reputable company, means that it won’t require similar repair again. A reputable foundation repair company should provide you with a lifetime guaranty that’s transferable to new owners. The salability of your home will depend on this guaranty and the company’s reputation. Most people familiar with the area know about the expansive clay soil and its effect on homes, and may have had to deal with it themselves.

Foundation Repair Can Wait

Some situations such as being on a sinking boat don’t allow any time for procrastination. Because the damage to your foundation and home takes more time to occur, you may be tempted to put off repair work. However this is not advisable, especially for home owners living in the expansive clay region of Texas.

Expansive clay soil movement is an ongoing process. Unlike the temporary foundation settling that occurs in some new homes, your foundation problem will not go away on its own. The soil shrinks during periods of drought and expands in periods of heavy rain. Since drought and rain will always be a part of the weather pattern in Texas, the soil will always be unstable.

This continual soil movement means your foundation gets continually stressed and in turn, its damage gets more extensive. This damage isn’t limited to the foundation but also occurs to your home which rests on top of it. This is the reason for any sticking windows or doors that you may have noticed. The home’s structure is becoming distorted which interferes with the movement of windows and doors in their frames. It should be clear that the longer you put off foundation repair, the more damage that occurs in the meantime.

Go With the Lowest Bidder

Street haggling is a fine art in many countries where the concept of price is very fluid. In this country it’s called negotiating down the price and is practiced during the purchase of cars and homes. This causes many people to believe that price has little to do with quality. Therefore it seems to make sense to contact several foundation repair businesses and choose the lowest bidder. However, low bidding is a strategy common among foundation repair contractors with limited experience. Without adjusting their price down, they couldn’t compete against the well established businesses.

On the other hand, established and reputable businesses have more resources at their disposal. These resources cost money. They have well-trained staff and technicians that must be paid their worth in order to keep them. This is why they won’t be among the lowest bidders. However this doesn’t mean they will necessarily be the highest bidders either.

You will have to look beyond price and check credentials. How long have they been in business? How many customers have they serviced? Are they insured? Do they stand by a lifetime transferable guaranty? Do your research and learn more about their reputation.

Perma-Pier Foundation Repair has been in the foundation repair business for three generations and have completed more than 15,000 repair projects of residential homes and commercial buildings. We provide a lifetime warranty with our repair work. Contact us today for more information.

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