The Danger of Extreme Heat This Summer on Your Home’s Foundation: What to Do for Repair

Texas is quite used to extreme heat in the summer, but it also wreaks havoc on more things than just human beings. It also causes structural damage, particularly to foundations in homes due to dry soil and subsequent house settling. With this major problem, it’s taken some people new to living in Texas by surprise, and even those who’ve lived in the local area for years.

Here at Perma-Pier Foundation Repair, we get inundated with calls every year when heatwaves occur from those discovering that their house foundation shifted. All of these calls come in at once and creates plenty of chaos. Nevertheless, those who’ve used our services before know how reliable we are on fixing these issues correctly.

As evidence of how severe it’s been in the last few years, the media did a story already four years ago about how the extreme heat in North Texas caused mass house foundation shifts. Hundreds of homeowners experienced this back then, and we’ve seen it increase each year since. We wonder how many more we’ll see this summer as the heat spikes up again very soon.

When you suspect your home’s foundation is shifting, it’s important to get repair done as soon as possible rather than wait. Worse problems occur in your home if you choose to ignore it. However, various clues provide undeniable evidence your foundation needs repair. It pays to keep close attention to some of these structural anomalies.

Once we repair your foundation, we’ll show you exactly what we do during the repair procedure. Plus, we’ll show you how to prevent it from ever happening again.

Signs That Your Foundation is Shifting

Some of the clues to a shifting foundation are subtle, though most of them are more than obvious. Cracks on your foundation, interior drywall, or exterior bricks of your home are a sure sign of early or advanced problems. As your foundation cracks, you’ll start to notice strange things happening inside your home.

If you’ve noticed your doors stick a lot lately, then you have a major sign your house is slowly sinking. Also, any tile you have in your kitchen or bathroom that’s starting to buckle is another major clue. Even gaps around the spaces of your windows tells you that’s it’s time to act now and get a foundation inspection.

We’ve seen far too many people ignore the above signs and end up facing bigger problems in their homes. What you probably don’t know is you could face major plumbing problems and roofing damage the more your home continues to shift or sink.

This summer is the perfect time to get the work done while the weather is good. We guarantee we’ll save you money in the process since repairing more extensive issues later would otherwise cost you multiple thousands of dollars.

How We Fix Your Foundation, and Prevention for the Future

You’ll learn a lot about how foundations get fixed through us when you choose us for repair. In some cases, you’ll find that only one part of your foundation needs supporting. During all repairs, we install high-quality pier systems so you have support for your foundation. This process holds up for many years, though sometimes people try questionable prevention tips.

The biggest argument is over how to keep the soil from drying out around your foundation to prevent the damage. While you may hear various pros and cons about watering the ground around your foundation, it’s true that it doesn’t solve the issue completely. You best bet is to maintain your landscaping up to the edge of your foundation. Moisture barriers help keep control of the moisture level.

Contact us here at Perma-Pier Foundation Repair if you’re seeing the above-mentioned warning signs in your home. With well over 15,000 foundation and drainage repairs in our background and complete knowledge about the geology of local land soils, we’re your supreme source.

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