How Do Texas Weather and Soil Conditions Affect Foundations?

permapier houseWhile Texas offers many benefits such as low cost of living, increasing job growth, and a wide variety of restaurants, arts, and culture, one of the negatives to living in this part of the country is home foundation problems. Clay earth, and white rock, as well as the extreme weather conditions commonly present in Texas, can adversely affect home foundations.

Why Does Texas Soil Harm Foundations?

Clay materials, which expand and retract far too much with fluctuating DFW temperatures, often wreack havoc on home foundations.

Similarly, but with its own set of problems, white rock is incredibly difficult to dig more than a few feet into. That is, of course, unless you are willing to shell out large sums of money for the job, and even then it might not work out as intended.

In regards to foundations, the shrinking and swelling of clay, due in large part to temperatures, directly affects foundations here in Texas. During severe droughts and dry spells throughout hotter months, foundations are prone to cracking, buckling, and deteriorating.

How Soil Affects Foundation Movement

Hydrating or desiccating soil contribute to a concrete foundation’s movement. Wet soil expands and swells. This process greatly affects a home’s foundation. A quality foundation repair company will look closely at this impact, and will take measures such as water barriers, to prevent this naturally dynamic process from ruining a concrete foundation while, at the same time, securing your home from future problems.

Foundation Cracks Don’t Indicate Where the Problem Originated

If you see a crack in your foundation, you might have a problem. However, contrary to many people’s opinions, a crack isn’t an indicator as to where the problem originated. The problem isn’t simply under the crack or even directly beside it. A crack is more of a relief point; where pressure from either side is producing resistance. The crack is merely a hinge for this geologic action, so problems related to it are near, but not always directly underneath.

How Do Frost Lines Affect Home Foundations?

Here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, there is frost line consideration. Because of our incredibly shallow frost line (as compared to other parts of the country), we are not bound by depth.

As a result, we simply don’t need foundation supports to be much deeper than 18″ to create a solid structure for our homes, but this doesn’t mean that our foundations are always safe from decay.

For most Texas homeowners, foundation conditions are (and should be), on their radar when it comes time to sell their home or buy a new home.

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