Spring is Here in Texas!

It’s spring in Texas, which usually means “extreme” weather is on the way. In Texas, we experience extreme rain, extreme wind, extreme heat… all of which can affect our home and its surroundings, and importantly the home’s foundation.

In most areas of Texas, the clay content causes our soil to be very expansive. As the clay dries out, it shrinks and contracts. Consequently, as the clay re-hydrates, it swells and expands. Expansion and contraction of soils can effect your foundation. Keeping your foundation hydrated and your house’s drainage up to date can greatly assist in preventing foundation problems.

Proper drainage is very important for a healthy foundation. Ponding water can cause many problems. It is surprising to most just how much water can run off of the roof. One inch of rain falling onto 1,000 sq. ft. of roof can translate into more than 600 gallons of water.

One of the things that keep your foundation healthy is proper drainage around your house and rain gutters. Without proper drainage and rain gutters, rainwater will run off the roof and the water will typically build up in a low area around the outside of the house causing water to “pond” until it evaporates or is absorbed by the soils. This ponding water – along with the expansion of clay soils in Texas – can cause a foundation to shift and crack.

Make sure that rain gutters are clean and free from debris, and their downspouts are guiding the water away from the foundation (six feet is the common minimum recommendation).

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