Perma-Pier Solid Foundation: Community Service

Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas is veteran-operated and was founded over 20 years ago in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, as a commercial and residential foundation-repair company. We also service the Austin, Houston, and San Antonio markets.

Though many of our competitors have changed names or dissolved operations, we have remained a constant, trusted, and science-backed organization. We know Texas soils wreak havoc on foundation health; we both offer and honor our lifetime warranty on foundation repairs. We believe in providing a solid foundation for your home and/or commercial property.

As an extension of this customer-service mindset, we are opening more opportunities for our employees to engage in community service within the Texas markets we serve.

This year we have launched our Solid Foundation Campaign (alongside our sister company, BlackTie Plumbing) to serve two families with drainage solutions, foundation repairs, and basic holiday needs. We are able to employ nearly 300 individuals, who live in your communities, because of the trust you place in us as a service organization. We know it is critical to support one another during these unprecedented times.

Our company looks forward to continuing with the tradition of helping those in our community who are underserved, by providing these two incredible families with much-needed repairs.

“One of the most powerful decisions you can make in your life is to do something for someone who does not have the power or resources to return the favor.” Shawn Lawson, CEO

Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas has created our mission, vision, and core values to reflect our founding principles as a company.

Our Perma-Pier employees getting excited about community service in Texas.

Mission: To be the best service organization in the foundation-repair industry, serving the entire state of Texas.

Vision: Deliver industry-leading communication, service, and long-term relationship cultivation to our community, customers, and partners. Deliver dependable, responsive, and trustworthy results to highlight the talent of our employees, as well as to display the value we have for our community, customers, and partners. Attract and retain top-tier talent by rewarding transparency and ingenuity, as well as celebrating successes as an organization.

Core Values:

  • Adaptability
  • Ingenuity
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability
  • Responsiveness
  • Timeliness

These values are cultivated through our employees’ commitment to excellence. The two families served this year were both selected by our Perma-Pier employees. One family has already received required plumbing tests by our sister company, BlackTie Plumbing.

Andres family and Judge Kim

This family, living in Arlington, TX, will receive a full drainage solution, in order to protect the long-term health of their home’s foundation. This family is home to many foster children, as well as children they’ve adopted into a more secure and loving home.

The Andres are a fantastic model of selfless community service, shown by their openness to these children. Dina states, “I love these children like they are my own and believe they are supposed to be with me and we are happy to take great care of them.”

We are elated to provide support to help them with their home foundation health, through our Solid Foundation Program.

Our second family will receive holiday gifts and dinner, funded by our leadership team.

We believe the way we all succeed is by moving forward together, providing community service and support. If you would like to be considered for future Solid Foundation projects, please email us. If you would like to read more about us, visit our Blog. We look forward to working hard to secure solid foundations for our customer and partner foundations, as well as our Texas community.

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