Signs You May Need a Foundation Evaluation

Determining the Condition of Your Home’s Foundation

signs warranting a foundation inspection
For many homeowners, foundation problems are one of their biggest fears for their home. Oftentimes, this stems from the fact that since it’s an unseen part of their home, they do not know what condition their foundation is in. Not knowing the condition of their foundation often makes homeowners worry that they may have a worsening foundation problem of which they are unaware. This may then raise the question of how you will know if you have foundation problems in your home, and if you should consider a foundation evaluation for your home.

While it can be hard for homeowners to determine the condition of their foundation, certain signs can clue you in that you may need to have your foundation inspected. Here are a few of these signs you can look out for in your home.

Wall Problems

One of the most apparent signs of foundation damage for homeowners to look out for will be signs of wall damage on the interior or exterior of your home. As the foundation of your home shifts, raises, and/or lowers, this will put stress on the structure of your home and can cause damage to its walls. Look for cracking in your home’s drywall, particularly around doors, windows, and in the corners of your home, as this is where cracks are likely to occur. Cracking in your home’s exterior siding and/or masonry can also be a telltale sign that you may want to have your home’s foundation evaluated.

Door/Window Misalignment

As damage to your foundation becomes more severe, you may also likely find that your doors and windows no longer align properly. At first, this misalignment may be subtle and simply cause your doors to stick, and cause your windows to be more difficult to operate. Should the problem worsen, you may find that your doors do not line up well enough to close completely, and your windows may stick. The appearance of such problems with the doors and windows in your home are a clear sign that something is not right with your home’s foundation.

Water Movement

One of the most common causes of residential foundation damage is due to the soil around the home’s foundation becoming over saturated. Water under/near your home can cause the foundation to shift and crack. For this reason, being aware of how water drains around your home can give you an indication of whether or not you should consider having your foundation evaluated. If water seems to run toward, rather than away from, your home during a storm, then you could have foundation problems. Even if it turns out that you do not have foundation problems, you will want to have this drainage problem around your home fixed.

Check Your Chimney

One early sign of foundation issues that you can look out for in your home can be seen in your home’s chimney. If your chimney begins to separate from the structure of your home, you will want to have your home’s foundation checked out. While this could be indicative of structural problems with your chimney itself, it can also indicate foundation problems in your home. Either way, you will want to have this problem addressed.

With foundation damage, the longer you wait to address the problem, the worse it will become. It is for this reason that homeowners should be aware of the condition of their home’s foundation so that any issues can be addressed as soon as possible. Furthermore, you may want to consider periodic foundation evaluation so that any foundation issues can be discovered before they become severe enough to affect the structural integrity of your home. Contact Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas to find out about more of the signs that can indicate foundation damage in your home, as well as to find out about getting a foundation evaluation.

Payment Options

Perma-Pier’s customized approach to repairing your foundation extends to financing as well. We understand that your financial situation – not unlike your foundation – should have a customized solution.

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