Save money with a free foundation inspection

Perma Pier Foundation Home Inspection
Whether you are moving into a new home, or looking to sell your old home, you’ll always need a home inspection. Be proactive by getting a free foundation inspection for your home. This will not only be able to diagnose any potential problem early on, but let you know the general condition of your foundation.

How Texas Weather and Soil Conditions Affect Foundations

It’s important to understand that no matter how reliably your home or the home you are buying was built, the weather and Texas soil can affect your foundation. In our state, as you probably know, we are often subject to severe drought or poor drainage, and because the soil is mostly composed of expansive clay, that leads to problems. This clay soil will expand in water and swell and contract, before shrinking again during dry times. This means that your foundation has to be built with these harsh conditions in mind. A good foundation contractor will be diligent in finding the proper balance for your foundation, including an effective drainage system. Having the ability to properly balance the water near your foundation will keep it from heaving or cracking.

Importance of a Foundation Inspection

Because of the weather conditions in Texas, your foundation could be in jeopardy. It’s important, especially if you begin to notice cracks in your home, to have your foundation inspected. Cracks in walls, floors, unevenness, windows sticking, and doors no longer shutting can all be signs of foundation problems. If you’ve noticed that your home is beginning to show these signs, then you’ll want to get your home’s foundation inspected as quickly as possible. This is an important inspection that isn’t in place to scare you, but to make sure that your home is as safe and secure as possible.

Unsure About a Free Foundation Inspection?

In today’s day and age, people can become leery of the word free, because they think nothing is ever really free. Additionally, if you, the homeowner, doesn’t feel well informed, you could feel like you are being misled. But that’s not the case at all – when we say free, we mean free and reliable. Many homes in Texas have foundation issues. It’s important to find those issues and fix them before they become a serious concern.

A free foundation inspection will allow professionals to come in and fully evaluate the state of your foundation, and if there are any problems, give you guidance and solutions on how to fix the foundation. You should also understand that often, when people are building either new construction or you are moving to an older home, they may have cut corners and used lower quality materials, leading to your foundation suffering in the end. Our trusted professionals are not only able to determine what the problems may be with your foundation, but can also offer solutions.

After the Foundation Inspection

Why not take the opportunity to have a free inspection done for your foundation? You have nothing to lose in having our trained professionals come to your home and perform an honest evaluation of your property. If you are given recommendations, it’s your choice whether or not to follow through. We may recommend new piers and supports to fix your foundation problems, always keeping the best interest of your home’s structure in mind. So for your sake, and for your family’s sake, consider scheduling a free home foundation inspection.

Whether you want the inspection for your current home, or you’re in the market for a new home, a free inspection can help to save you money in the long run. To learn more about our free foundation inspection, please contact Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas.

Payment Options

Perma-Pier’s customized approach to repairing your foundation extends to financing as well. We understand that your financial situation – not unlike your foundation – should have a customized solution.

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