Repairing More Than Just Foundations

We at Perma-Pier have worked with several charitable organizations to offer help for those in need, and we love every minute of it. Recently, we were contacted by a contractor who was working with the Veterans Association on a project that needed our expertise.

It started with a fire on the coldest day of 2017 which decimated the home of a U.S. Army veteran who was living by himself in Dallas. When the Red Cross, who was there on the scene of the devastating home fire, found out he was a veteran, they referred him to the VA North Texas Dallas Medical Center.

From there, a social worker by the name of Casey Perry learned that the veteran had been reduced to living in his truck and staying with his daughter due to the damage to his home. He was attempting to repair his home on his own, with his own finances, despite being retired and well into his 70’s.

Perry reached out to community partners in the hopes of getting this man the help he needed. One of those contractors reached out to us when they determined that the home’s foundation was in need of repair.

We happily obliged.

With a six-man crew, we were able to level the foundation in a single day despite learning more about the project only after we arrived on site. There were, for example, existing piers that needed to be disabled before we could go about correcting the elevations. After identifying the type of soil the property was built upon, we determined that pressed concrete pilings, along with some repairs to the wooden understructure, would return the foundation back to level – a key first step in any home rebuild.

Now this man has a solid foundation on which to rebuild, and a network of support that will ensure his continued success, all thanks to 1) the attention and proactive care of a social worker and 2) the willingness of others to work together and help their fellow man in his time of need.

While donating to charities and worthy causes are great – and more people should give – we feel that philanthropy should be more than just simply a financial exchange. Opportunities to apply your skill sets, (in our case leveling foundations) your time, and your attention to better the lives of your fellow man, carry so much more meaning – for both the giver and the recipient.

The best way to get involved, we’ve found, is to make it known that you are willing and able. While you may not be able to go around leveling foundations as an individual, you can still make a difference in the lives of people near and far.

If you’d like to get involved, there are several online resources that will match your willing spirit to your schedule, location and preferred area of interest. Here’s one to get you started.


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