Why A Realtor and Foundation Company Make A Great Team

realtor and foundation inspector team

Selling properties in the Texas housing market necessitates having a deep understanding of construction work. When you are taking clients to show them homes that may need work in order to restore their foundations, it’s important to have a great relationship with a well established, reputable, and honest company. And that’s exactly why Realtors benefit from working with a company like ours. We help you, and you help us.

Mutually Beneficial Relationship

When you are a Realtor, you have a special bond with homebuyers. Because they trust you to either find them the space of their dreams or help them to sell their current home, you should have a good understanding of home improvements. By working with a company that works in foundation repair, a Realtor can help their clients better understand the complexities of foundation repair work. Especially if you are showing homes or trying to sell a home in need of repair, you need to understand the scope of  work and associated costs.

A realtor needs to be able to give their clients a basic understanding of all potential repair work needed, along with an idea of how much it would cost, and perhaps even provide recommendations for trusted contractors or companies that do the work.

A relationship with you is beneficial for us as well. We are able to give realtors who partner with us advice for their clients, and the realtor can recommend our services, once they have seen the quality work we do. Many foundation repair businesses exist in the state of Texas, but none have as deep a knowledge and well-established history and reputation as Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas.

Reassuring First Time Home Buyers

Especially when it comes to working with first time home buyers, trying to sell a home that is in need of some work, particularly foundation work, is a difficult task. They may be scared away by the thought of significant work, and need to be reassured about the possibility of repairs.

That’s why it’s important for a realtor to be able to explain that foundation problems are very common in Texas due to the soil type and the weather. Because of these unique conditions, foundation issues – although a slightly scary topic – are also common. Giving your clients tips on how to take care of the foundation problem is crucial in closing the sale.

Getting Foundation Work Done Right

With over 20,000 foundation and drainage repair projects completed on our end, you can be sure that we not only know what we are doing, but we do quality work. This is very important to know for first time home buyers as well as individuals trying to sell their homes.

If a first time home buyer is willing to buy a home with foundation problems, they know they are taking on a great deal of stress due to the uncertainty. But when they use experienced professionals, they will know that the work will be done correctly and efficiently. So when your clients make an investment to get the home of their dreams fixed, they will put those repairs in the best hands thanks to your recommendation and our partnership.

On the flip side, if your clients are selling their home, our services are a wise investment to get their foundation fixed and repaired before listing their home. Not only will it help them get top dollar for their home, but when an inspector looks at the work, there will be peace of mind knowing that it is done perfectly and that their home is better than ever.

If you are a Realtor, it’s important to have plenty of connections for home remodeling and repair. Having a relationship with a foundation company like ours means that we will be able to help give you advice, while in turn, you can help your clients find the best foundation repair business in Texas. To learn more about everything we do and how we can help you, please contact us.

Transferable Warranty

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