Putting Off Foundation Repair Can Be A Costly Mistake!

A foundation is not the most attractive part of a structure. In fact, sometimes the foundation can’t even be seen. Although many people overlook the craftsmanship that goes into designing a solid foundation, we hope you would agree that a solid foundation is the most important part of a structure.

Half-way around the world from Texas stands the Burj Kahlifa, the tallest building in the world.  At 2,716.5 feet, and with over 160 stories, this skyscraper is, indeed, impressive. A visit to the open-air observation deck at level 148 is not for the faint of heart. To reach what is currently the highest outdoor observatory in the world; visitors are escorted into a dedicated elevator that travels to the top at twenty-two miles per hour. Those who are somewhat uncertain of the safety of rising almost one-half mile into the sky above the sands of Dubai can relax.

The building is safe because the foundation is secure.

Because the soil that the tower was built upon consisted of loose to medium loose sands, weak sandstone, and weak siltstone, engineers used 192 piles that measured approximately five feet in diameter. These piles were bored 164 feet below the working surface. On top of those piles lay a twelve-foot thick reinforced concrete foundation that holds the skyscraper’s entire Y-shaped footprint. The foundation’s design had to take into account many variables such as corrosive elements present in the local ground water, regional seismic activity, and the oppressive wind and heat of the Dubai desert. The foundation of the Burj Kahlifa is truly an engineering marvel.

Because a building is only as safe as its foundation, it is important that damaged, sagging, or cracked foundations are addressed in a timely manner. Putting off foundation repair can be a costly mistake that will only grow worse with time.

Take, for example, the historic Oak Cliff United Methodist Church in Dallas, which recently had to close its doors because of foundation problems. For over one-hundred years, this church building has stood on the corner of  Jefferson and Marsalis, watching as the nation endured wars and international conflicts, listening to the prayers of its congregants, and welcoming all who would enter to find a place of solace within its walls.

But over time, problems began to appear. One by one, the beautiful stained-glass windows began to crack. Masonry work on the outside of the building started to crumble. Inside the structure, walls began to crack and the plaster ceiling began to show signs of water damage. The root cause of these problems: a deteriorating foundation. The congregation recently voted to vacate the building and join their worship with that of a nearby Methodist church. Because this church building is one of 145 historic landmarks in Dallas, knowing what to do with the property will be difficult. The decision has been left in the hands of the denomination’s regional leadership body, the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church. They are aware that any potential buyer will have to deal with the foundation’s problems and that obtaining permission to demolish the historic building will be difficult.

Foundation problems, left unaddressed, will only worsen over time. Putting off foundation repair can be a costly mistake.

A building is only as strong as its foundation. If you suspect that your commercial or residential property is in need of foundation repair, contact us to set up a consultation. We offer a full, lifetime transferable warranty with all of our foundation repair services and guarantee you will be pleased with our comprehensive and structurally sound foundation repair solutions for your building.

The strength of a foundation determines the strength of the building. If you don’t believe that, try building a sandcastle, then stand back and watch as the first wave carries it away.


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