Perma-Pier Profile: Jeff Crannell, Certified Structural Engineer

Jeff Crannell, 2nd from the right, with the Perma-Pier team.


We at Perma-Pier pride ourself on our relationship with top professionals throughout the state of Texas. We recently had the chance to catch up with one of our longtime collaborators, licensed engineer Jeff Crannell of CCM Engineering, and ask him some questions about foundation failures, the differences between a home inspector and structural engineer, and why he chooses Perma-Pier as his foundation repair company of record:

PP: What are the most common causes of foundation failure?    

JC: The most common causes of foundation movement and failure are the active soils. These active soils shrink and swell based on moisture content. So proper drainage is a key factor. Another common cause is poor consolidation of the soil during construction.

PP: What’s the difference between a structural engineer and a foundation repair company?  

JC: Structural engineers are trained to identify structural problems and prepare repair recommendations – we don’t perform the repairs themselves. Foundation repair companies, while also trained to identify these same problems, are licensed to perform the actual physical improvements.

PP: My home was reviewed by a home inspector.  Do I need to get a structural engineer to look at it as well?   

JC: A home inspector is not licensed to provide a structural opinion, but they are knowledgeable in certain aspects of foundation stability. Oftentimes, the home inspector will recommend a buyer hire a licensed structural engineer to evaluate the foundation.

PP: How much foundation movement is cause for concern?   

JC: We follow the ASCE Guidelines for Residential Foundations, which states that a foundation should be level within L/360. This equates to 1” of deflection every 30’. Of course, there are other factors that go into the analysis, but this is the typical guideline we follow.

PP: With all this rain we have been getting, what is the best way a homeowner can maintain/ protect their foundation?  

JC: During rainy seasons, we recommend that the homeowner check the drainage around the foundation to make sure there is no standing water.  During dry seasons, we recommend that the homeowner water the soil around the foundation.

PP: What is the most common mistake you see foundation repair company’s make?  

JC: The most common problem we hear from homeowners is that the repair company will not honor their warranty.

PP: Would you recommend Perma-Pier for foundation repair?  

JC: Yes we would. In fact, we recommend Perma Pier to our clients.

PP: Finally, what sets Perma-Pier apart from other foundation repair companies?  

JC: You have a long history of quality work and I think the company will be around for a long time.  This history and healthy growth as a company is important since it means your warranty is actually worth something, unlike other companies that come and go, change their names, etc…

About Jeff Crannell of CCM Engineering:

Jeff is a Dallas native and Kimball High School graduate who then went on to graduate from Texas Tech University in 1977.  He is a licensed professional engineer in Texas and a Certified Floodplain Manager.

For the first few years of his career, he worked for several companies as a design engineer – designing roads and utilities for residential and commercial projects. He eventually struck out on his own, founding CCM Engineering in 1987 which he has owned and operated since. He is planning to retire soon, and his son, Cody – also a licensed professional engineer, will be taking over the family business.  

Jeff started providing foundation inspections in 1988 working mainly for real estate agents around Dallas, having completed over 10,000 inspections to date. Additionally, Jeff served as the Town engineer for Double Oak, Texas for 10 years and the Town engineer for Copper Canyon, Texas for 9 years.

Jeff currently lives in Double Oak, Texas married to his high school sweetheart for 43 years – and counting, with three children and five grandchildren.

Contact Info: Jeff Crannell, CCM Engineering – 2570 Justin Rd #209, Lewisville –

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