Learning To Spot Slab Leaks

Slab leaks can be a serious threat to the integrity of your foundation. A slab leak is a plumbing leak that occurs in a hot or cold water pipe running beneath the concrete slab of your foundation. Knowing how to spot a slab leak and why it’s important to address these plumbing problems quickly can help to prevent extensive water damage from affecting your home. If you think you could have a slab leak, it’s important to contact a foundation repair company immediately for an inspection to determine if a leak exists and repair it.

Direct Signs of a Slab Leak

Slab leaks can sometimes cause noticeable changes in your plumbing or your home. Because a slab leak is always “running,” you may hear the faint sound of running water, even when no other plumbing appliances are in use. Another direct sign of a slab leak in your home is a “spongy” or wet spot on your floor above the leak. Your floor may feel soft or unstable when walking in this area; you may even notice puddles or condensation on your flooring. Tiled areas may suffer from upheaval or grout disintegration, while wood flooring may warp and carpet may appear wet or accumulate mold and mildew. If the slab leak is in a hot water line running under your foundation, you may also notice that the affected area of your floor feels warm or even hot to the touch. A hot water slab leak that occurs in a small or enclosed area of your home can even make that space feel noticeably warmer than the surrounding rooms.

Indirect Signs of a Slab Leak

Because they occur underneath your floor and foundation, slab leaks can persist without causing obvious signs. However, there are a few indirect signs of a slab leak that can also alert you to an issue that requires attention. Consistently high water bills are a warning sign that should never be ignored. Because high water bills can also be due to other types of leaks or plumbing issues, it’s important to contact a professional to inspect your plumbing and determine the cause of the increase in your bill. If you have ruled out the other likely causes of high water usage, it’s time to consider a slab leak as your culprit. Additionally, slab leaks can affect the water pressure inside your home if water is leaking from incoming line. If you notice a drop in water pressure in either a hot or cold water line, contact a professional for assistance. Just like changes in your water bill, a drop in water pressure could be due to various factors, so it’s important to determine the cause and make the proper repairs. Wet spots, spongy areas, and excessive overgrowth in your lawn can also be indicative of a slab leak. The leaking water must go somewhere, oftentimes draining into the ground surrounding your home. Scheduling a professional inspection will help you determine whether your yard problems are due to poor drainage or a slab leak, both of which can spell trouble for your foundation.

Don’t put your foundation or your home at risk—if you have any concerns regarding your home’s plumbing or drainage system, schedule a professional inspection to determine whether there is a problem that requires repairs. You can reach a foundation expert in Dallas or Fort Worth for more information by clicking through our website, or find more information that can help you spot foundation problems on our blog.

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