If You Have Foundation Problems, Don’t Wait for Foundation Repair

Everyone procrastinates. Sometimes putting things off is the smart thing to do. Important decisions can’t be made until you have enough information to do the right thing. Putting off a minor task because you have more important things to do also makes sense. However, putting off foundation repair can be a costly mistake. Perhaps you feel it can wait until other matters are handled first, but your home is a large investment and any threats to it should be given priority.

Foundation damage is an ongoing process that progressively gets worse. More waiting means more repair expenses both for the foundation and for the rest of your house. Let’s explore some of the reasons why homeowners are reluctant to address this issue.

They Aren’t Convinced They Have A Foundation Problem

Sometimes a door gets stuck because of a hinge problem. In that case, fixing the door solves the problem. But if you find that other doors and windows in your home are sticking and you’re noticing cracks in your interior walls, they could be symptoms of a larger problem.

If you live in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston area, your home is likely built on expansive clay soil. This soil type contracts and expands when its moisture content changes. Expansive clay soil is a common reason for foundation problems in your area. Here are signs of foundation damage to look for:

  • Cracks in drywalls, floors, and ceilings.
  • Cracks coming from door and window frames.
  • Walls that lean or bulge.
  • Doors or windows that stick.
  • Separation of a wall from the floor.
  • Separation of different parts of the home’s structure such as a chimney from the rest of the house.
  • Floors that are uneven, sloped, or soft.
  • Cracks in brickwork or foundation walls.

They Believe Foundation Repairs Cost A Fortune

This would certainly be the case if the damage were so extensive that the foundation required complete replacement. However, the foundation would have to be unsalvageable which means it’s practically collapsing. Even severe foundation problems can be restored with underpinning. The cost depends on the type and extent of the damage. The extent of the damage depends on how soon you take action after noticing the first signs of a foundation problem. Even extensive repair work for severe damage costs less than a complete foundation replacement.

They Believe That Repair Leaves The Foundation In A Weakened State

If the repair involves underpinning, it actually improves the foundation’s strength and stability. Underpinning requires placing vertical piers on your foundation that extend into the ground. These piers rest on a stable and load supporting soil layer. This means that unlike your neighbors’ slab foundations that rest on unstable soil, your foundation will be anchored to stable ground. Pier placement is a permanent solution and will protect your foundation from further soil movement.

They Believe Foundation Repair Will Reduce The Home’s Value

Homeowners fear that once repair work is done, it will reduce the value of their house. In areas with known soil issues, every homeowner faces potential foundation damage especially in periods of drought. Repair work by a qualified professional is often seen as an asset because it solves the unstable soil problem faced by everyone in the area.

If a damaged foundation is not repaired when putting a home on the market, the inspector will find it and selling the home will be especially difficult because people don’t want to buy homes with serious issues they will have to repair. Foundation problems also imply that the rest of the home’s structure has damage.

As was previously mentioned, foundation problems are an ongoing process that get worse over time. Living with this problem is not an option because your house is gradually falling apart. Wall movement has been known to pull apart roof rafters which causes roof collapse or makes it susceptible to collapse from a strong wind. This is why it makes sense to address the problem when you detect the first symptoms. Don’t wait for foundation repair.

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