How Working With Perma-Pier Can Benefit Your Real Estate Business

Foundation problems can affect the sale or purchase of a home. A realtor, working with a reputable foundation repair company can offer many benefits. Whether you need an accurate foundation inspection or fast, effective commercial foundation repairs in Fort Worth, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston, Perma-Pier can help you achieve a smooth, stress-free home sale.

Foundation Evaluations

Home inspections should always be part of the home-buying process. However, home inspectors are not foundation experts, and may in fact not even check a home’s foundation for signs of damage during an inspection. If your clients are concerned about possible foundation damage or the need for repairs, Perma-Pier can provide you with a free comprehensive evaluation of the properties foundation within 48 hours. Our experienced staff will evaluate the entire structure looking for large or small signs of foundation damage. We will make a full report for you and your client to either assure you that there is no need for foundation repairs, or to explain exactly which repairs are needed and how much they will cost. We know that buyers want to make an informed decision before purchasing a home, and we will work with you to ensure you and your clients have all the information needed to feel confident about a sale.

Foundation and Drainage Repairs

In cases where foundation or drainage repairs are needed on a home for sale, Perma-Pier will also work with you and your clients to develop and implement a customized repair plan. We will outline all your clients’ options, as well as their timeframe and cost, so that these factors can be negotiated into the sale price and date if necessary. Perma-Pier is also pleased to offer special real estate pricing so that you and your clients can benefit from choosing to make foundation repairs to the home prior to its sale. We will make every effort to ensure the repairs are done quickly and effectively so you won’t need to wait to list or sell the home. After repairs have been made, we also offer transferable warranties so that potential buyers can feel secure in the stability of their new home’s recent foundation repairs. We can continue to work with you to explain any repairs that were made to potential buyers so they will feel comfortable with their purchase.

Perma-Pier knows that the key to a healthy home is a healthy foundation . We are proud to work with local realtors in the Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston areas to provide top-quality home foundation inspection and repairs. You can learn more about our real estate program, builders’ warranties, and more when you click through our extensive website.

Texas Foundation Experts

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