How to Choose a Foundation Repair Company in 5 Steps

Sometimes, a homeowner notices that an area of the house is settling a bit more than another corner. At other times, a professional foundation repair company reveals this news to the client. No matter how you find out about your need for a repair, there are five questions to consider when figuring out how to choose a foundation repair company.

1. Does the Company Work Just With Property Owners?

If you are in the process of buying the home, are the home’s seller or a real estate professional, this is a very real concern. Doing business with a foundation repair company that works with builders, buyers, owners and sales professionals is of vital importance to guarantee a seamless transaction without billing problems.

2. How Well Does the Company Understand Local Foundation Problems?

Most any contractor will tell you that they can get the job done. Can they get it done the right way? When your home is located in the Texas prairie lands, you do not need a professional who has ample experience with Denver clay soils. You need a local expert who understands – and routinely works with – the native geological challenges brought on by the soil consistency.

Having staff that is trained in geological sciences is a vital plus in this setting. After all, one type of fix will not solve the problems in all situations. When it is the soil that presents the challenge to your home’s foundation, the repair protocol must consider its unique makeup for best results.

3. Is There a Warranty?

The professionals who do the work should also stand behind it. Yet when you look around, you notice that different companies offer different types of warranties. Some warranties measure in years while others offer decades. Still other professionals do not allow you to transfer the warranty to the next owner.

Seek out the company that provides you with a lifetime transferable warranty. This guarantee should apply to the majority of work done by the professionals. Whether you hire the pros for a soil stabilization job, a drainage correction or a foundation repair, the warranty should transfer from you to the home’s next owner. Make your home more valuable on the real estate market with this warranty in place.

4. What Services Do the Professionals Offer?

There is more to a foundation repair than just a fix to the slab. Some homes utilize the pier and beam setup, which calls for an entirely different approach. Working with a company that understands the differences in required approaches is a key to an effective repair. Sometimes, an ounce of prevention truly does work much better than a pound of cure. Case in point is the setup of an adequate drainage slope away from the home’s foundation.

Choosing a company that not only specializes in foundation fixes but also offers inspections and provides recommendations for preventative measures saves you money. When these professionals also have the expertise to follow up on the recommendations, you save time.

5. Do the Professionals Know What to Look For in an Inspection?

It is not enough to call a company for a foundation inspection. You need to work with experts who know what to look for. Sometimes, a sticking window may be the first telltale sign that there is something amiss with the foundation. Yet someone who lacks the training to look for even the minor signs of trouble easily attributes this warning sign to a faulty window installation. An expert will take this as a potential trouble sign and inspect the frieze and fascia boards as well as any cracks in the home’s exterior much more in depth.

The specialists at Perma-Pier Foundation Repair know that your home is your largest investment. We understand that hiring a foundation repair contractor is a serious undertaking. Contact us today for more information on our services as well as our approach to inspecting your property.

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