How Realtors Benefit from Working with a Foundation Repair Company.

Realtors have a tough job to do. Succeeding as much on their reputation as on their selling skills, they have to sell homes and commercial buildings that actually benefit their clients. Not every home is perfect, so they also have to know and answer questions about possible improvements that need to be made. That’s why realtors can benefit significantly from working with a foundation repair company.


When showing a house to their clients, realtors may have only seen that house once or twice before. Still, they’re expected to be experts on everything about the house, from its roof to its foundation. Especially new homeowners will have plenty of questions about everything, wanting to make sure they get the perfect home for their needs. If they don’t receive satisfactory answers to their questions, they will think about switching to a more knowledgeable realtor.

Of course, the best way to show expertise is to actually acquire that expertise. Some realtors may assume that they can get through answering questions by faking knowledge, but that assumes homeowners know little to nothing about these issues to begin with. In truth, the internet has provided a plethora of ways for homebuyers to find information on their own, and they can use that information to either confirm or challenge the realtor’s answers. Establishing a relationship with a foundation repair company ensures that realtors can be confident in giving satisfactory and true answers to their clients’ inquiries.


Of course, increased expertise also builds up a realtor’s credibility. As you probably know, realtors rely as much on their reputation as on their selling skills for long-term success. They acquire a large number of clients via word-of-mouth marketing and recommendations, and those recommendations only come when past clients are truly happy with their purchase.

That means not only being truthful about certain properties as mentioned above, it also means knowing these properties before showing them to clients. Many real estate agents do a preliminary walk-through to accomplish just that, and those with a relationship to foundation repair companies can detect issues with the foundation or slab before deciding whether to show the property to their clients.

The worst thing for a real estate agent is to sell a property that’s highly priced while overlooking significant issues. The client will most assuredly be unhappy with the property and the price paid, and place blame on their agent. To ensure credibility, realtors do well to work with foundation repair companies.

Support After the Purchase

These relationships also come in handy if the worst-case scenario happens, a foundation issue surfaces and the client needs help. Real estate agents can then point their clients to the perfect company to fix the problem, becoming helpful rather than unreliable. Many real estate agents keep a list of reliable maintenance and contractor companies for exactly this reason, and including a foundation repair business on that list is absolutely crucial.

Personal Interests

But the importance of such mutually beneficial relationships goes beyond interests related to the real estate business. Many realtors we know also “flip” houses, purchasing fixer-uppers to renovate and resell for a profit. Houses with foundation issues often sell for much less than others, as most buyers don’t want to get involved with such major problems.

But that also means they’re ideal candidates for a “flip” – as long as a reliable company can fix the issue to everyone’s satisfaction. Realtors who flip houses should therefore absolutely build a relationship with good companies for their needs, both for personal and professional reasons. Of course, they have to find the perfect company to compliment their own interests, and we believe that we’re just that. If you’re a real estate agent looking to expand your professional network, contact us today!


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