How Concrete Piers Can Help Your Foundation

Your home’s foundation is the solid structure on which the entire house rests, providing stability and strength for the entire building. If your foundation cracks, shifts, or moves, it can cause structural damage to the rest of your home and put it at risk for flooding, pest infestations, and many other problems. Concrete piers can bring your foundation to its proper position once more, restoring the height and stability of your Dallas home.

What Are Concrete Piers?

Concrete piers are a common and effective foundation repair method. These piers are created by first drilling a cylindrical hole into the ground beneath an area of damaged or sagging foundation. A typical hole will reach a depth of between 12-20 feet beneath your home, with a diameter of approximately 12 inches. This depth is required to ensure that the bottom of the pier is anchored in stable soil that will not move or settle over time. Once the hole is complete, concrete will be poured into the space, which also acts as a mold. Steel bars may also be used to reinforce the structure of the concrete, which is then allowed to cure for up to one week. A single concrete pier is effective over an area covered by a seven-foot radius. Repairing your foundation may require the installation of one or many piers, depending upon the type of damage your foundation exhibits.

How Do Concrete Piers Repair My Foundation?

Concrete piers are used to provide additional support to your foundation, raising it to the correct height and leveling out any discrepancies in slope caused by damage or settling. Piers also stop any further sinking or settling of your foundation, which will only exacerbate the problems you may already be facing if left unchecked. Once the concrete piers have cured in the ground, hydraulic jacks are used to lift your home to the proper height. Steel or concrete spacers are used to close the gap between the top of the concrete pier and your home’s foundation, creating a level surface on which your home will sit. This process is not only simple and straightforward, but extremely versatile as well. Concrete piers can be designed to carry nearly any type of load. Steel reinforcement reduces the likelihood of cracking and prolongs the lifetime of the concrete piers used to repair your foundation. The concrete piers used in foundation repairs will last as long as or longer than your concrete foundation itself.

Are you concerned about foundation problems under your Dallas home? Concrete piers could be the best solution to restore your home’s integrity and stability. Visit our website to find out more about our effective concrete slab and pier and beam foundation solutions. You can also check out our selection of videos to learn more about our experienced team and our cutting edge foundation repair techniques.

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