9 Tips for Hiring a Foundation Repair Contractor

Repairing a foundation is a task best left to the experts. When such a job arises, the most appropriate thing to do is solicit bids for the work from at least three qualified foundation repair contractors. It is important to keep in mind the most expensive bid is not always be the best and the least expensive bid is not always worse. The basis to decide on a particular foundation repair contractor should not be the cost alone.

tips for hiring a foundation contractor

Let’s discuss nine things to consider when hiring a foundation repair contractor.

1. Educate yourself about home foundations and repair

It is always in your best interest to educate yourself about foundation repair methods and techniques. It is not necessary to become an expert, but it will help to have some knowledge under your belt when talking with the contractor.

2. Schedule a foundation inspection

It is essential the foundation repair contractor undertake a visual inspection of the foundation when preparing a bid to perform the work. The bid should not only include the cost to perform the work, but an evaluation and assessment of the foundation issues.

3. Confirm contractor is knowledgeable about code requirements

It is important the foundation repair contractor meet code requirements of the International Code Council – Evaluation Service (ICC-ES). The service sets the standards that include construction quality and safety factors to perform the task. It is also important the contractor use best construction practices.

4. Ask about permits

Some municipalities require an application for approval for such a task. It is important to know if the foundation repair contractor or foundation owner will be implementing and completing the permit and approval process. If such a process is a requirement to perform the work, an application fee is required and it is important to know what that fee will be and if it will be included in the proposal cost or an additional cost.

5. Inquire about the contractor’s depth clause

A reputable foundation repair contractor will include a clause in their bid and contract that covers the depth of excavation and piling and if an additional cost will be triggered beyond a certain depth. If the contractor has no depth clause, it is unlikely the contractor would continue to operate at a loss.

6. Ask about the contractor’s experience and training requirements

Ask the foundation repair contractor how long the company has been in business, how employees are trained, and if they require employees to undergo construction refresher training periodically. It is important a contractor keep up to date with materials, methods, and techniques that may change and improve over the years.

7. Verify the contractor is properly insured

Make sure the foundation repair contractor is properly insured. They should carry general liability and workers compensation insurance and the value should be commensurate with the value of the work. Insurance not only protects the contractor, but it also protects the customer in the event of further damage to the foundation or damage to the property in general during the repair process. A reputable contractor will provide the necessary documentation and often include it with a proposal to perform the work.

8. Ensure safe removal and replacement of landscaping

A foundation repair may require the removal of landscaping, such as shrubs, trees, flowers, or lawn in the area of the work. It is important the foundation repair contractor take due regard for the safe removal and replacement of any landscaping and has procedures and methods in place to protect vegetation not removed.

9. Pay attention to the terms of the foundation repair warranty

It is important the foundation repair contractor provide a warranty for the work and materials used in the repair process. It is essential to pay close attention to the terms of the warranty and look for a company that offers a warranty trust.

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