Foundations Shift In Extreme Heat!

Extreme heat across the state of Texas can be a big problem with the foundation your home is built upon. Signs of a potential problem will usually be seen inside the house or building first — the doors may start to stick, you’ll begin to see cracks around windows and doors.

But there is a difference between foundation damage and minor foundation movement caused by a lack of soil maintenance. Cracks and doors that don’t open or close properly, and some cracking in floors are not always signs of foundation damage when they first appear. If left unattended to they can become a major problem.

Watering around the foundation of the home every other day for about an hour with soaker hoses or a regular “rain-like” sprinkler can assist in preventing damaging shifting from occurring. Proper planning and maintenance can go a very long way in preventing major foundation movement.

Texas soils have a heavy clay content. Clay soils tend to expand and contract. With the major heat we experience in Texas, and the lack of rain during these hot times, the soil will contract causing the foundation to shift and in some cases crack. Keeping the soil moist during the dry summer months can help greatly in keeping the house from shifting.

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