Foundation Repair Methods: The Best Options for Fixing Your Home’s Foundation

With the soft clay soil that is present in many areas of Texas, it is common for the ground underneath one’s home to begin to shift and settle overtime. However, this settlement can be extremely problematic for those with slab foundation homes, as any amount of shifting and settling can cause cracking to your foundation; this shifting in your foundation can also cause damage to your home. This can make it imperative that you check your home for potential foundation issues so that you can have your foundation repaired as soon as possible after damage begins to occur. While we have previously discussed signs that homeowners can look out for that can indicate damage to their foundation, the next thing many homeowners want to know is how their foundation can be sufficiently repaired and supported so that they do not encounter these issues in the future. Here are a few of the effective foundation repair methods we use at Perma-Pier to stabilize our customers’ foundations


The repair method that will be used on your foundation will depend on several factors, the main factors being the severity of the damage to your foundation and the condition of the soil underneath one’s home. Underpinning is a method of foundation repair in which concrete piers are added underneath your current foundation in order to extend the depth and/or breadth of your foundation. This method of foundation repair can be beneficial in providing support for a foundation with minor cracking. It can also help to strengthen your foundation by extending it, which will provide superior weight distribution and put less stress on your foundation. However, underpinning may not be sufficient in a home where there is severe foundation damage, there are soil support issues underneath your home, and/or in the occurrence that your foundation is sinking.

Pressure Grouting

Pressure Grouting, also known as mud-jacking, is a method of foundation repair that can be used to: lift a sinking foundation, fill voids underneath a foundation, and provide a more solid base underneath your home for your foundation to rest on. Pressure grouting can be used on most slab foundation homes, and is minimally invasive, as it simply requires the drilling of a small hole into your foundation. Pressure grouting is achieved by injecting a cement mixture underneath your home through a 2-inch hole drilled into your home’s foundation. This cement mixture then lifts and stabilizes your homes foundation while also providing a more solid base for your home’s foundation to rest on.

Free Board Over Lift

Free board over lift is a much more complex and invasive foundation repair method. A free board over lift is the process of installing a combination of internal and external piers underneath the entire foundation of your home. This complicated process helps to provide repair for homes with extreme movement underneath their foundation and major foundation damage. This method allows one’s entire foundation to be slowly raised away from the ground so that it no longer comes in contact with the soil underneath it. This can be necessary when the ground underneath your home is particularly unstable, as your home’s structural integrity will no longer rely on the stability of the soil underneath it. Furthermore, this method of foundation repair is the most likely to ensure that you do not encounter foundation problems again in the future.

These are the most effective foundation repair methods used on slab foundation homes. Knowing which repair methods work best with your foundation type is important, as this will help you to determine whether or not you are working with a knowledgeable foundation repair company based on the repair they suggest for your home. Contact us to find out more about the foundation repair methods that are available to you, as well as to find out which method would work best for your home.

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