Energy Problems? Check Your Foundation!

Foundation problems can cause a rise in your energy bills. If you have uneven doors, windows, cracks in walls and floors these can lead to outside air coming in your home, or conditioned air escaping. Cold air in winter can make your heating system run extra hard, causing your heating bill to be higher that necessary. Hot air coming in the house in the warmer months can cause your cooling system to run much more than it would if outside air were not entering your home, or inside air escaping.

Not all cracks in walls, around doors and windows mean you have foundation problems, however, it is a good idea to have them looked at by an experienced foundation evaluator. Having your foundation examined by an expert will let you know if the cracks you’re seeing are a problem, and causing not only a loss of valued energy, but can lead to additional problems down the road like plumbing problems, mold and enticing insects.

If you don’t have foundation problems, but you still have some uneven doors and windows, replacing damaged or missing weather stripping is an effective and inexpensive way to keep your energy dollars down. Also check your wall or attic where satellite, cable or other utility services enter your home and make sure they are all properly sealed.

If you have shifting foundation, having it repaired and keeping the surrounding areas around your foundation healthy, can save you energy dollars, as well as protecting your home from additional damage.

For more information call Perma-Pier Foundation Repair and set up an appointment with one of our trained, experienced evaluators. There is no charge for this appointment and assessment.

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