Common Crawl Space Problems That May Affect Your Home

It’s very easy for crawl spaces to sink to the back of your mind when it comes to your home repairs. However, they are incredibly important for the health of your home and there are multiple problems that can seriously jeopardize their stability. Regularly inspect your crawl space for these problems to ensure that you catch them before they become too serious.

Most of these problems will be too complex for you to fix on your own: you’re simply identifying the problems so that you can report them to a crawl space repair expert. Leave the hard work to them.

Wood Rot

While more modern crawl spaces are relatively safe from rot, more ancient ones are often moments away from collapse. Wood rot can be caused by two different sources: excessive moisture and fungus. Drier areas of Texas aren’t going to be too affected by the former problem, but the latter can affect any crawl space because it doesn’t require moisture.

Dry rot fungus attacks the structure of your crawl space by feeding on the very fibers that give it its strength. As a result, your crawl space can start to buckle and collapse after just a few years of suffering from dry rot. Dry rot can attack not only crawl spaces, but floor joists, wood beams, and even girders in your home.

Preventing water damage rot is as simple as eliminating excessive moisture: just seal off all the vents and install a heavy-duty liner and a de-humidifier. Dry rot is a lot trickier: you’ll need an expert to come in and remove the fungus and reinforce or replace weakened areas of your crawl space.

Animal Infestation

Crawl spaces are often a common destination for a variety of small wild animals. And why not? They’re sealed off, dark, hidden, and a great place to hide out from rain or snow storms. Animals that often find a home in crawl spaces include:

  • Squirrels
  • Lizards
  • Snakes
  • Cockroaches
  • Scorpions

Many of these animals will directly damage your crawl space by chewing through the wood and breaking apart its structure. Finding and sealing off holes in your crawl space should keep it relatively safe from animal invasion.

However, should any of these dangerous creatures make a home in it, call an animal expert to have them taken out. Then, call a crawl space and foundation repair expert to ensure they haven’t caused any severe damage.


While it might seem like crawl space floods are a rare risk in relatively dry areas of Texas, they are often the end result of the previously mentioned problems. All these issues compromise the structural integrity of your crawl space and make it more likely that water will flood inside and create serious damage.

A flooded crawl space will also immediately cause the value of your home to plummet and make it that much harder to sell.

Fixing a flooded crawl space requires pumping out all the water with a sump pump. Make sure to pump with a hose that’s at least one to two inches in diameter: any smaller, and debris may cause a clog. This clog will force the water out of your sump pump and into your basement.

Then, you need to find out where the water is originating. Problems such as burst pipes should be relatively easy to fix, but more serious issues, such as complete crawl space collapse, will be too difficult for your amateur repair skills.

If your home is suffering from any of these severe crawl space problems, make sure to contact us as soon as possible. Our highly trained experts will pin-point the problem and find the solution that quickly fixes the problem.

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