Perma-Pier Partners With The NCMEC

At Pema-Pier, we’ve always placed a premium on giving back. Whether helping to rebuild homes after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston or helping a disabled veteran get his house back after a devastating fire – we understand there are more important things than our day-to-day business operations. After much discussion and careful consideration, we decided our…

Your Windows and Your Foundation

These 50 degree nights and 70 degree days are meant for enjoying – not just outside, but also inside your home.  If you’re like us, you 1) enjoy the fresh air and 2) the naturally available air conditioning (time to give the old HVAC system a rest). Those cool morning breezes feel that much better…

Texas Foundation Experts

Find out why Perma-Pier can truly say we “know your dirt.” Our knowledge of Texas soils — and what we do with that knowledge — are unmatched.

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