Can I Repair My Home Foundation DIY?

Why You Need a Foundation Repair Professional Your home is probably the biggest purchase you will make in your lifetime, and represents a great portion of your net worth. Sometimes, homeowners who find themselves in need of foundation repairs ignore the problem, hoping it will go away or a particularly handy homeowner will attempt to repair…

Foundation Work During a Rainy or Wet Weather

Foundation Repair Frequently Asked Questions Foundation repair work in Texas is done quite commonly, but can be complicated because of the many variables that come into play. These variables include the structure itself, the weather, and the soil conditions underneath the building’s footprint. When you encounter foundation problems, or suspect your home or commercial building…

Payment Options

Perma-Pier’s customized approach to repairing your foundation extends to financing as well. We understand that your financial situation – not unlike your foundation – should have a customized solution.

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