Don’t let a Cracked Foundation get in the Way of Your Real Estate Transaction!

We all know the feeling. The first time you see that crack in your foundation, panic begins to tighten your stomach. Just imagine how much worse that feeling is if you’re looking to sell your home but discover foundation cracks before you can get that far! Foundation Problems in Real Estate Too many real estate transactions…

Could a Steel Cable Anchored Pier Be An Answer To Difficult Texas Soils?

The cable-anchored pier is a popular solution to the challenges posed by the high-density clay soil found in so many parts of Texas. They are similar in concept and function to steel-pressed piers. However, with a cable-anchored steel pier, installers thread a quarter-inch steel through the pilings. This minimizes soil separation that is so common in Texas clay…

Texas Foundation Experts

Find out why Perma-Pier can truly say we “know your dirt.” Our knowledge of Texas soils — and what we do with that knowledge — are unmatched.

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