Residential Foundation Problems in Texas

Without question, Texas gets its fair share of residential foundation problems. In addition to foundation issues seen elsewhere in the country, this state sees droughts that are sometimes followed by heavy downpours. If you combine that with our expansive clay soil, it means there are a lot of home owners here suffering from foundation problems.…

Foundation Repair Terms

There is more to foundation repair than just laying a slab of concrete. Defining foundation repair terms help the consumer understand the language used to explain the cause and problems related to foundation repair. Active soils – A non load bearing soil mass that is moving due to changing moisture levels Anchor and Pier Pile…

Recognizing The Signs Of Foundation Failure

When it comes to a failing foundation, fast response time is key. This is why it’s so important that every home owner is familiar with the signs of a failing concrete foundation or slab. The sooner the problem is detected, the better the outcome of the repair will be. In this article, we will list…

Texas Foundation Experts

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