When You See These 4 Signs of Trouble, Call for a Free Foundation Inspection!

The professionals at Perma-Pier do more than just provide Texas residents and business owners with an exceptional foundation repair service. We also offer a free foundation inspection to any building owner who suspects that there might be trouble. In fact, we provide this service to real estate professionals and prospective homebuyers, too. Since we believe…

2014 Was the Hottest Year in Recorded History – What that Means for your Foundation

As you may have heard, 2014 has officially been designated the hottest year in recorded history. According to the Japan Meteorological Association (JMA), one of the four major global temperature record-keepers, the average surface temperature of our planet was “the warmest since 1891, the start of the data.” It replaces 1998 in the top spot, while 2013…

How Much Can Foundation Problems Cost You?

Foundation problems cost a bit to take care of, but they can cost even more if they’re ignored. The structural integrity of your house is at stake, so a problem with your foundation is not something that can “just wait”. If you notice floors separating from walls, doors and windows that are “out of square”, or…

Transferable Warranty

Learn about Perma-Pier’s transferrable warranty, and why our history in Texas makes our warranty worth so much more than most warranties out there.

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