Perma-Pier Foundation Repair – Now An Approved Instructor Through TREC Offering Free MCE Classes

What’s all the Buzz about.. Have you heard the news? Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas is now offering MCE Classes at no cost to real-estate professionals. This class is designed to be informative and fun, learning the basics of Foundation Repair and home maintenance. We are committed in helping realtors understand foundation repair. Which helps…

Foundations Shift In Extreme Heat!

FOUNDATIONS SHIFTING IN EXTREME HEAT Extreme heat across the state of Texas can be a big problem with the foundation your home is built upon. Signs of a potential problem will usually be seen inside the house or building first — the doors may start to stick, you’ll begin to see cracks around windows and…

A Wish With Wings Family In Need To Receive Support From Perma-Pier Foundation Repair Of Texas

Fort Worth Texas – July, 2014 – a Wish with Wings and Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas will partner in late July to provide support for a Wish family in need. 11-year old Debora was diagnosed with Hypothalamic Pilocytic Astrocytoma, which is a slow-growing brain tumor. She contacted a Wish with Wings to grant her…

Transferable Warranty

Learn about Perma-Pier’s transferrable warranty, and why our history in Texas makes our warranty worth so much more than most warranties out there.

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