Map of Texas soils

Texas soil experts, like our Perma-Pier professional evaluator team, can help you better understand how to care for your foundation. Texas has a variety of geography, surface geology, and climates, which means there are also a multitude of soil types—each of which affects your foundation in unique ways.

With this type of complexity you need a foundation repair company that has spent the time becoming Texas soil experts to best advise customers on best solutions for any given soil type. At Perma-Pier, we know Texas soil. In fact, we’re the only foundation repair company in Texas who employed staff trained in geological science.

Texas soils mapDallas County: Three major rock formations run underneath Dallas county with the western third of the county underpinned by Eagle Ford shale, which produces a variety of expansive clay soils.

Learn more about the special soil makeup in and around Dallas and how it affects your foundation.

Fort Worth/Tarrant County: Two major rock formations trend in a north-south orientation, however, there’s where the similarities end.

See why, despite being so close to one another, Fort Worth soil is so different from Dallas.

Harris County: This is home to Houston and surrounding cities such as The Woodlands, Sugarland, and Katy. The coastal geology here is different from the rest of Texas, and thus requires a specific approach to foundation repair.

Learn more about what makes the soil in Houston so unique.

San Antonio/Bexar County: Two of the rock formations that define this area are comprised of a limestone-shale sequence. This is often referred to as “layer cake geology”, which produces clay-rich soils with very shallow soil horizons.

Learn about the various soil types in and around San Antonio.

Austin, Georgetown and Travis County: This region is underpinned by formations that run north to south much like Dallas and Tarrant counties. The soil horizons here are typically shallow and rocky. Clay content of the soil is high.

See why the soils around Austin can suffer from poor drainage.

Foundation repair—especially in Texas—cannot be approached with a single-solution mindset. Texas soils are just too unique and varied. Without first understanding the soil your foundation sits on, recommending the right foundation repair is impossible.


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