Most foundation repair companies say they offer a transferable warranty, but all too often they are not being completely honest. Some companies charge the customer to perform warranty work. Others charge their “valued” customers simply to come inspect the home a second time. And even worse, most foundation repair companies go out of business within only a few years of opening their doors, leaving all of their clients with a “transferable warranty” which is now completely worthless!

We understand a foundation repair warranty is only as good as the company that offers it. Perma-Pier Foundation Repair has been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 1992 and has a solid reputation to back its warranty. We do not charge our warranty customers for inspections, adjustments, or claims!

Warranty Transfer

To begin a Warranty Transfer, download and complete the form below. Please mail, fax or email the completed transfer to the information below:

P.O. Box 202383
Arlington, Texas 76006
Phone: 1-877-840-9993
Fax: 214-637-0440

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