Every foundation repair is unique.

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for foundation repair. A company that gives you an action plan and an estimate before reviewing all the issues that led to your foundation problem is either 1) overcharging you, or 2) attempting to solve your foundation problem with a blanket remedy. These standardized foundation repair processes might be more than you need, or worse, may not even work.

Most foundation repair companies only offer one or two types of repair. Perma-Pier offers a customized solution, and will design a plan based on what is right for you—not for what type of “repair” we offer. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer multiple solutions, including: pressed concrete, steel piers, drilled piers, drainage, soil treatment, grading, pier and beam understructure work and retaining walls.

Perma-Pier believes that the only approach to every foundation solution should be a custom approach, because there are multiple factors that contribute to the failure of a foundation. Some of these include:

  • The type of foundation underneath your home or commercial property. Is your foundation slab? Pier and beam? Different types of foundations require different repair services.
  • The type of soil underneath your foundation. This varies by location from Dallas-Fort Worth to Austin, San Antonio and Houston. Perma-Pier understands the importance of accurately identifying the soil underneath your home, which is why our foundation specialists are all trained in geological science. Without first understanding the soil your foundation sits on, recommending the right repair plan is impossible.
  • Signs of foundation problems you might be seeing. Stuck windows? Cracks in walls? Mold? Water leaks? Each sign could point to a unique issue that requires an entirely different approach to diagnosing and accurately repairing your foundation.
  • Environmental changes that may have occurred in your area: Has there been heavy rain? A severe drought? These environmental changes can play a role in damaging your foundation when they occur around your home.

These are just some of the factors that need to be considered when deciding how to repair your foundation. Only after a thorough, no charge evaluation of your home’s foundation — and the soil underneath it — can an accurate repair plan and cost estimate be given.

Perma-Pier backs up every foundation repair with a transferable warranty — one that covers the costs associated with subsequent inspections, adjustments or claims.

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