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Perma-Pier has been serving the entire Houston area since 2009. Proud members of the Houston Association of Realtors, over 70% of our referrals come from local realtors. Perma-Pier is locally and actively involved in all aspects of the foundation repair business in Houston.

In Houston, I-10 is the divider of bad to worse foundation issues. South of I-10 is, on average, significantly worse than the north side. It is not uncommon for piers to go 25 feet deep or more! With such specific needs, you need a foundation repair company that understands the unique soils of Houston.

The Houston area has many vertisol soils like the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with the added complication of being very sandy. While the vertisol soils give the area a propensity to shrink and swell, the sandy soils have the ability to cause foundations to shift from side to side. This issue is further compounded by the fact that in many areas of Houston, clay soils sit underneath sandy soils, thus combining the two issues.

Our Houston-based foundation repair services include:

  • No charge evaluations
  • Soil analysis
  • Commercial and residential repairs
  • Builder and real estate agency programs
  • Transferable warranty
  • Drainage and landscaping solutions

Regardless of the soil type underneath your home or commercial property, identifying a foundation failure as soon as possible could save you thousands down the road. And having the repair done right the first time can save you even more.

Let Perma-Pier and our team of experts draw up a customized approach to repairing your Houston area residential or commercial foundation by scheduling your no charge evaluation today.

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What our customers say

My husband and I are in the middle of selling one home and buying another. We found a buyer for his house and, two weeks before closing, the buyers changed their loan and the foundation is a requirement! Our new house purchase depends on us selling this house! Enter Jasmine Thompson and the guys at Perma-Pier. I explained everything to her and she moved HEAVEN AND EARTH to help us out! They fit us in a few days after we called them, and made sure we had the work done. All while Jasmine continued to give us updates! The crew they sent was professional and wonderful! They didn’t do anything without first asking and then explaining what they were going to do – then they left everything clean and even BETTER than before! Thank you so much! We would not have been able to get this house sold without Perma-Pier.

Diana R.

Transferable Warranty

Learn about Perma-Pier’s transferrable warranty, and why our history in Texas makes our warranty worth so much more than most warranties out there.

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