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Perma-Pier has been serving the Austin area for over two decades. As members of the Austin Board of Realtors, Austin Association of Facility & Maintenance Engineers, Community Associations Institute, Structural Engineers Association of Texas, and the Austin Apartment Association, Perma-Pier is heavily – and locally — involved in the Austin area.

Ask the average foundation repair contractor about Austin soils, and you’re likely to hear that all the foundation problems are on the east side of I-35. While I-35 does tend to separate some of the major soil configurations, it is important for a foundation repair company to understand the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of the many smaller soil configurations that encompass much of Austin west of I-35. If a foundation repair company fails to take those smaller deposits into account, they could be prescribing the wrong solution for your foundation.

The greater Austin/Travis County area is supported by the Fredericksburg Group. This conglomerate of multiple limestone formations, like the Glen Rose formation, produces soils which tend to be clay-rich and shallow in their horizons. Taylor marl, found in the easternmost part of the county, produces very expansive clay soils with horizons that tend to be deep and well developed. Austin Chalk, sometimes referred to as the White Rock Escarpment, produces one of the most expansive clay soils in Texas called Houston Black. These soil horizons are typically shallow to medium in depth and are poorly drained due to their high clay content. Understanding these varied soil types is key to forming a successful foundation repair plan.

Our Austin-based foundation repair services include:

  • No charge evaluations
  • Soil analysis
  • Commercial and residential foundation
  • Builder and real estate agency programs
  • Transferable warranty
  • Drainage and landscaping solutions

Recognizing the signs of a foundation failure as soon as possible can save you thousands in future repairs. Save yourself even more money by having the repair done right the first time.

Perma-Pier’s team of experts will be happy to draw up a customized approach to repairing your Austin-area residential or commercial foundation. Schedule your no charge evaluation today.

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Perma-Pier repaired my foundation this week. They did an excellent job. The crews were on time and polite. Randall and Luis O.— thank you for making this experience run smoothly. Thanks also to Heather in the office and James Schmidt in sales. You are a well-oiled machine with superior service and results. I can recommend you without reservation to anyone who needs foundation repair.

Jeanie P.

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