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Residential Foundation Repair

Residential Foundation Repair

At Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas we understand that your home is your most important asset. Keeping this in mind, protecting you and your home is our goal when you entrust us with repairing your foundation. Perma-Pier Foundation Repair has an extensive heritage that goes back 3 generations! With over 15,000 completed repairs, we have a proven track record of success in the residential arena.

Many foundation repair companies give all sorts of promises when it comes to protecting your home, but very few live up to their self-created hype. Not us; at Perma-Pier Foundation Repair we use a system of checks and balances to ensure a quality repair on every job we perform. Beginning with the initial evaluation (not estimate, since not all homes need repairs) we provide a customized repair plan when necessary, taking into account many factors including: size, location, type of foundation, nearby vegetation, erosion, and soil type. We are even able to provide a soil study when necessary! To ensure the quality of our work, and for a homeowner’s peace of mind, we offer 3rd party, licensed engineer reports on all work we perform. Finally, no foundation repair job should be considered complete without performing a hydrostatic pressure test on both the fresh water and sewer lines under the home. Some companies won’t disclose to the owner that a plumbing test is needed for the warranty to be effective, but at Perma-Pier we will include the plumbing test in the job cost and even schedule it for the homeowner.

A company’s reputation is no better than the people it employs. For that reason we strive to hire the most reputable, honest, and quality foundation evaluators possible. These professional foundation evaluators are trained by licensed engineers and are put through routine continuing education programs taught by industry experts, licensed engineers, and geologists. All of our evaluators are background checked and drug tested before hiring; we want every client to feel at ease when we visit them in their home.

Perma-Pier Foundation Repair strives to change the poor image that many in our industry perpetuate. We do this by understanding our clients and their needs, only then do we recommend a proper course of action. For example, we understand a couple planning to live in their home for the next 20 years has different needs than a bachelor selling his house in the next 60 days.

Whatever your unique circumstances may be, we are confident we will provide the best solution for your needs. Here is a short list of the valuable services we offer:

  • Free evaluations within 24-48 hours
  • Customized repair plans
  • 3rd party engineer reports
  • True, lifetime, transferable warranty
  • Digital reports
  • Promotional payment plans

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