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by Sue Hawkins McClure on Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas
What a wonderful experience!

We are so very pleased with Perma Pier and its employees. Charles Partin, our project manager, Larissa, office contact person, and Angel and his fabulous crew made this project a delight.Charles was professional and pleasant. We felt very secure trusting our work to Perma Pier based on Charles' approach, his ability to answer questions, his careful measurements, and his obvious desire for the job to be done to our satisfaction including dealing with special issues like a fish pond constructed right against the house.We got 3 estimates based on our engineer's recommendation. Perma Pier was the highest bid. But it was also the company whose employee, Charles, convinced us that it was the right company to hire for our job.There are not enough words to express our delight and amazement with Angel's entire crew. They have a wonderful work ethic. They did the work carefully, efficiently, and quickly despite having to accomplish all in very cold weather including today's 20 degrees and blowing snow. The men were all pleasant to deal with and so very upbeat. I asked one man what they do about lunch. He said they all bring something and share it and that they have a good time. What a great attitude!!The guys even remembered to close yard gates at the end of the day and to put my patio carpet back down. Perhaps little things but it speaks volumes about the men and their desire to do their jobs well. These men have my complete respect and admiration. They are a boon to your company. I really want the bosses know what wonderful employees they have.Thank you so very much for a job well done. I will not hesitate to recommend Perma Pier and have already shouted your praises on Facebook.Blessings.

Thank you so much for your kind words Sue! We always love to hear our happy customers mention employees by name, I'll make sure to pass this along!

Thank You

My husband and I would like to say thank you for an excellent job and hope you tell all involved that we appreciate the work done October 6, 2016 at our home. Starting with James Schmidt, with whom we have worked previously, to the on site crew, our concerns were met with attention to detail, and great attitude. Foundation repair work is dirty, hard work for the guys "in the trenches", but they did it willingly and with their best efforts. The pier breakout finish is barely noticeable...it was like magic that it matches so beautifully to the existing porch floor.I have lost the names of the crew chief and interior house help, but please pull up your records and thank them...all of them...for their work.We do not "do" social media, so can't "yelp" or such, but we will recommend Perma-Pier to any of our friends, neighbors and relatives who need foundation repair in the future.


Don Evon came on time. Very professional & friendly. But best of all, very very honest. He was willing to double checked his numbers just to make sure that I don't need any piers!!! What a guy! Felt bad he had to drive so far for "nothing". Got a bunch of his business cards to pass them around as I will definitely highly recommend Perma-pier especially Don Evon!!!


Dan came out to give us an estimate on our home which to us looked like it needed obvious work. After doing an inspection, he said he didn't think the foundation had failed and suggested some other (read - much less costly) ideas that might solve our problem. I called this company because of referrals by more than one of our friends who said they do great work and are honest. We found Dan's honesty to be refreshing and will definitely call them when we really need to do some work.

Great Job/ Proper recommendation

Scott and Perma-Pier did a great job on a rental property of mine in The Colony. Proper pier recommendation for the repairs that needed to be done. Did the work quickly and cleanly and quietly as possible. Had others bids there and some wanted 6 times the price for unneeded work. Great job.
When I noticed some cracks in my residence, I called for Scott and he was here the next day. Instead of recommending a number of piers, he quickly identified the real culprit. The support post on the porch needed to have a minor jacking and small pier set under it. I will have it completed next week. Instead of $$$$ spent for unnecessary repair his honesty saved us lots of dollars and we appreciate it. They will get my future business and Scott will get my whole hearted recommendation.
Thanks for a job well done and for your honesty.

Best Foundation Company!!!

Due to storms, we had a lot of damage to our house, including the foundation. The process of getting repairs lined up has been so overwhelming. We had several foundation repair companies come out, and had another one scheduled to come the week after meeting with Scott for Perma-Pier. He was very helpful and patient in explaining things that I didn't understand. I decided to get on the website and read all of the reviews. It was then that I decided we were gong with Perma-Pier. We called the other company that was to come out and cancelled that estimate. They are very affordable, very professional, and very helpful. Everyone that we have dealt with from the estimate and inspection, to the work crew that came out has been nothing less than friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. The crew leader that came out made sure to explain everything they would be doing, how they would do it, and how to approach the other repairs that needed to be done later on down the road concerning sheet rock, etc. My sidewalk is concrete with pebbles in it and they had to cut a hole in it to do some repairs in that area. I was so worried about how awful it would look after they left. I just knew it was going to be a plain piece of smooth concrete and that I would have to figure out some way to camouflage it. I was so happy with the whole process that I had worked myself up to be OK with that before the work was even started. However, I was surprised when I went to look at it and couldn't even tell where they had replaced it! It matches perfect!! I know they didn't use the piece that was there originally because I saw the wet concrete. I was so happy about that! Another problem that I had been worried about, and was on my list of things to do, was to have the plumbing checked to see if the foundation problem had broken any pipes. Perma-Pier handled that and lifted that weight off of my shoulders! It is nice to know that I have one less thing to worry about now! (No broken pipes by the way). Using Perma-Pier has been the best and easiest decision to make since starting this process. I highly recommend Perma-Pier to anyone looking for a great foundation repair company! Five stars isn't enough!


Can’t say enough good things about this company! First off, let me give you the back-story. I’m a real estate agent and recently took a listing; the home in question previously had foundation work done by Perma-pier by the previous owners right before my clients bought the house. After my clients closed on the house, they were not informed that they needed to pay a fee and complete paperwork to have the warranty transferred. When I listed the home, I noticed that there was some settling and cracking in the exterior brick of the home where the previous piers were installed. After my clients informed me that they did not realize they needed to transfer the warranty, I decided to call Perma-Pier to see if I might get lucky and be able to at least get some kind of discount for recalibrating the piers since it was out of warranty. MUCH to my surprise, not only did they offer to reinstate the warranty, they actually WAIVED the transfer fee! They did require us to perform a plumbing test (which is totally understandable as plumbing leaks can seriously affect a foundation) which we passed, and were even kind enough to waive charging a second fee for the plumbing test since they had to come out twice because my clients had to have a new cleanout installed in order to perform the test. The warranty crew showed up on time on the date they scheduled and completed the work promptly. Again, just to be clear, THIS COMPANY HONORED A WARRANTY THAT WAS TECHNICALLY VOID AND WAIVED THE FEE, PERFORMED THE WARRANTY WORK ON TIME AND DIDN’T TRY TO UPSELL FOR ANY UNNEEDED SERVICES. As a real estate professional, I’ve had many instances of foundation companies shafting unsuspecting clients and charging them with thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs. Knowing that my clients needed to sell their home, Perma-pier could have easily charged them THOUSANDS of dollars in fees to fix these piers that were out of warranty, but they instead chose to be super-cool and reinstate the warranty. Can’t tell you how rare it is to have a foundation company do this (i.e., I’ve NEVER seen or heard of it happening). Will be recommending them to all of my real estate associates and clients from this point forward. Listen, you can probably find a company that’s less expensive, but YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR and I PROMISE you that you’ll end up paying for it down the road. Take it from a Realtor that’s been in the business for 16 years, this is NOT TYPICAL.

Great Service

My foundation service was completed today by Isaias and his crew and they did a great job installing piers inside and outside my home. There were 13 total piers needed and Isaias and his team took special care of my home while present and left it in better shape than they found it. Isaias explained everything to me and made sure I understood what was going on. I am a local realtor and told Isaias I would be telling someone just how happy I am and using Perma-Pier with future clients looking for foundation repair.


Many thanks to Perm Pier for my foundation repair. Special thanks to Adrian Rodriguez and his team for a job well done.

Very pleased

We have an 80 year old pier and beam home and our hardwood floors were buckling. This had happened before. We had previously had several people come out and give us estimates on leveling which ranged from several thousand to only a few hundred. We chose to go with the lowest bid at that time. When it started up again we called Perma-Pier. The gentleman who came out was very pleasant and spent quite some time taking measurements. When it was all said and done even they told me my problem was not a leveling problem but a moisture problem and did not charge me for the visit. I was very impressed. They could have told me anything but instead said that considering the age of the home it was quite level and did not think is needed anything. We would highly recommend them to anyone with foundation issues

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Archived Reviews

Dear Greg,

My wife and I are thankful to have Perma-Pier and your expertise to help us resolving our foundation issue. We were literally in shock seeing most of the drywall cracks and caulking separation disappeared right in front of our eyes once our foundation got lifted up to the final position. And the post work Hydrostatic test showed NO issue on plumbing or the sewer line. For that, we are very grateful and we will enjoy this home for years to come. For maintenance purpose, if you can give us any tips on how we should continue to maintain the foundation stability after these piers installed, we would greatly appreciate.

I have several co-workers asked me about my foundation work experience and requested the name of the company I used. So I happily passed around your business card information to them. I mentioned the pricing was very reasonable for the scope of the project and the crew did an excellent job cleaning up after job was done.

Once again, thank you very much for your help and Perma-Pier.

Michael L., Dallas, TX-

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Perma-Pier. We were impressed with how soon an evaluation and then repair could be done. We were prepared for a long wait. John and his crew were outstanding.

If we had any concerns during the process, John was very quick to take the time to talk with us and go outside, show and explain what was going on. He was never too busy to stop and answer a question. We appreciate the professionalism displayed by all involved with the process and would recommend them. In fact, we have already recommended Perma-Pier to a neighbor who is in need of foundation evaluation/repair. ~

Kelly & Simone C., Houston, TX~

Hello All,

I apologize in advance for sending this to so many contacts at Perma Pier, but I wasn’t sure who to send this to.

I’m e-mailing to provide some feedback about one of your employees, John Dowdy. John was my point of contact at Perma Pier and advised us on our needs. We contracted your company last April to provide the foundation repairs my home needed.

John was an absolute pleasure to work with. He is prompt, professional, courteous, knowledgeable and supportive. As you all know these repairs are not only expensive, but also very stressful for the homeowner. John was there every step of the way to answer questions, provide support, and just be there for us when we had concerns.

John Dowdy went well above and beyond to help us through this process. John is an asset, a find, and I strongly advise you hold onto this fella as long as you can.


Arthur & Debra B., San Antonio, TX


This is a fine promotion. Thank you. However, it does not affect me at all. I must recommend you to anyone that I ever hear could use your services. You are without doubt the best folks around. The job was done — right. Fortunately, or not, I do not know many people in need just now; but if I do, I will certainly recommend you.

A more than satisfied customer,

George C.

Hello Bob,

Thank you for your efforts yesterday. I really appreciate the professional manner in which you conducted your inspection and the comfortable way in which you explained your findings.

I will certainly keep Perma Pier at the top of the list if we or any one we know requires foundation repair services.


Michael R


I would like to express my compliments to you and your entire management team for sending Victor Garcia to my home today. Victor was comforting to my husband and I in regards to our foundation problems. He said for us not worry and he would fix things perfectly. He did just what he said he would do. He and his crew worked diligently the whole time they were on my property.

My husband and I are so very pleased with the quality of work performed on our home for the last 2 days. No trash left around, our pave rocks put back in to their original spots and cleaned of wet mud. Everything put back where it belonged.

Victor also said to me that he doesn’t leave a job unless he, himself is satisfied with the job performed at hand. That statement gave my husband and I a lot of confidence in your Company. Please let upper management know what a fine employee they have in Victor.

Thank you for sending him out to our home.

Moyalana and Stephen S., Benbrook, TX


We purchased a 40,000 square foot building that had severe foundation issues and had previous unsuccessful foundation repairs. After visiting with multiple foundation repair companies regarding our situation, we chose to award our business to Perma-Pier based on their comprehensive approach, overall expertise and competitive price.

Once we signed our contract, Perma-Pier immediately scheduled a date for the repairs that fit our schedule, and completed the work inside the time estimate they promised.

The crews were respectful of our property, and the job site supervision was superb. I would highly recommend Perma-Pier for any commercial foundation repairs.

Adam C., General Manager -Commercial Dallas, TX


So glad you asked. I’ve been thinking about writing a thank-you letter to you and your company for the remarkable skill and patience you contributed to our foundation repair process.

The Court at Museum’s Gate is a Condominium Association of 50 homeowners, we do everything by committee, and that is not always easy. Besides dealing with folks who do not understand the existing problems, or how the proposed repair works, there is always an element that hesitates to spend a dime even for the future value of their own property.

I really appreciate not only the excellent foundation work your crews did (it looks great), but the many visits you made to the property and the multitude of questions to which you responded in an effort to satisfy our homeowners and committee members.

Thank you so much, Denny. Perma Pier did an excellent job for us, and I would enthusiastically recommend your company’s services to anyone.

Martha B., Commercial Houston, TX

Denny, I told the guys working on this last building that I would call you. These guys did a great job. We had new landscaping put in and when they left you could not even tell they had dug up those bushes. I am so impressed with your company. You may use me for a reference at any time. Thanks again!

Kathryn B. Property Manager

Our foundation repairs were completed in a very professional manner. We are very satisfied with the outcome. Thanks,

Elizabeth M., Jim Lake Companies

Permapier studied my house and created a plan to fix its many problems. They explained everything thoroughly and then did the work exactly as they promised. They did an excellent job. Thanks,

David C., SVN

I was about to use All Pro w/ the helical pier. However, I was referred to James Schmidt, who was able to talk about the importance of customizing a “treatment plan” based on the soil type. That seemed logical to me instead of always promoting one type of pier to fix anyone’s problem.

Jill D., Dallas, TX

A Realtor with several happy Clients.

I am a Realtor and customer of Perma Pier. They are a company that I recommend with confidence. They will inspect a home within the option period with plenty of time for a buyer to decide to purchase and the seller to choose if he wants the work performed. Perma Pier has a lifetime transferable warranty to guarantee their services. I have recommended them on several homes and will continue to do so.

Additionally I’ve had two personal homes corrected by Perma Pier. Both times I found them prompt and reliable and pleasant to work with. Not all homes need repair. Many times they’ve been called to inspections only to suggest no repair was necessary. That to me resonates integrity. I’ve only heard good reviews from my clients and will continue to suggest and work with Perma Pier.

Gale C.

As a homeowner with a deadline to close on the sale of my property, Mr. Bryant was hired to repair the foundation of my property.

Mr. Bryant acted very promptly and got the job done is a very short time, and meeting all of the people involved with deadlines. Mr. Bryant was always on top of all the issues that we were trying to resolve under the most demanding requirements of all the parties involved in the sale of a property.

I fully recommend Mr. Bryant and his Company Perma-Pier Foundation Repair Company for all of your foundation repair needs in the future.

Justin will take personal care of you, as he shows integrity, service and commitment to complete client satisfaction.

Top Qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity

William Webb, Architect AIA”

Dear Wes and the rest of the Perma-Pier Family.

A few years ago, around Christmas, I was having the worse experience of my life. My house was remodeled, then flooded due to my neighbors pipe freezing in her backyard, remodeled again, flooded again to a sewer lead under my house, 18 piers in and around my house due to my fireplace sinking, and a husband with early onset dementia and caregivers daily. By the time we were done, my floors had been replaced 4 times in the living room, once in the master bath, once in the den, and re-carpeted in the guest-room twice. My entire bathroom was re-tiled. I had to go back to work full time as a teacher and handle all the contractors from work, as my husband could not handle anything. It was an expensive, traumatic undertaking.

Perma-Pier really listened to my story. It was so horrible, that there was no way i could’ve made it up! I was over the edge, depressed, stressed out, and maxed out. Perma-Pier charged me nothing. I couldn’t believe it! I am a firm believer in supporting my community, helping those in need, and giving more than I get. I have always been that way, because someday I knew that I might be the one that needed help and God would look out after me for being a good person all my life.

I have an expression on a mug in my kitchen that says “Do Right and Fear Nothing”! I will always remember your company and your kindness. I will always refer people to you when I get a chance. I cannot thank you enough for your help. I would recommend your company to all of my friends and family! God Bless You All!

Sincerely ~ Jane S.

Our experience with Perma Pier was great. Carlos gave us a very thorough quote and we appreciate the amount of time and energy he put into it. The crew that came to do the work was also very thorough and we were very pleased with the outcome. We would definitely recommend Perma Pier and plan to use them in the future if we have additional foundation issues. Thanks!!!

Jessica M., San Antonio, TX


Just wanted to thank you for everything!

The crew that was sent on Friday was amazing. They were courteous, professional and so good at what they do!

Our floor doesn’t shake, all of our doors close properly and our garage doors look 100% better. Please pass the word along to each and every one of the guys on that crew and tell them we are completely satisfied and so impressed with their work.

You have restored our faith in work ethics! (And believe me, this day in time, that’s a BIG deal!)


Ricky & Angela P., Dallas, TX

Don – thanks so much for the email regarding your inspection of Beechmont two weeks ago. I meant to thank you and your email got lost in the shuffle!!!!! I have another inspection this week and may need y’all to come out and take a look. As always, I appreciate all the good work Perma Pier has done for me over the years. You guys rock!

Cindy H., Dallas, TX


I just wanted to let you know that the crew you sent out to do the work on Saturday was awesome! I can’t remember the nice young man in charge of supervising, but he was professional, articulate, friendly and knowledgeable. At my request he walked me around the job and explained what was happening and answered all of my questions. The other workers were polite and worked hard. I am extremely pleased with your company and am happy that I chose you to do the work. I would like to thank you for a job well done and that you have restored my hope to find superior customer service. I will recommend you to all I know. Please express my thanks to all of the crew who came to my mom’s house on Saturday!

The results of the job were also impressive. I didn’t expect for the wide gap that existed before to be almost alleviated! It is rare to find both competence and genuine customer service in one company.

Thanks again

Kim N., Dallas/Fort WOrth, TX

In what is a depressing necessity, we had a very pleasant experience with Perma-Pier. We called for a free evaluation and estimate on our home because of cracks on our outside walls. Don Evon was the evaluator that came to our home. He was very professional and knowledgeable. He was also very friendly and made us feel at ease.

After taking floor level measurements, he explained his findings in understandable detail. We were informed of our options and he patiently answered all our questions. We never felt pressured or intimidated. We’ve had other experiences where the hard-sell was on, along with scare-tactics. We had none of that with Don Evon and Perma-Pier.

We are glad we called them and we will use them in any foundation need we choose to address.

Monica G., Irving, TX

To Perma-Pier & Inez Fragoso:

I want you to know how pleased we were with Inez and his crew on our foundation repair of my shop floor here in West Houston. Inez had a remarkable and efficient crew doing just what they needed to get done and all in one day. I would never have believed that was even possible. They were all extremely courteous and kind and bent over backwards to keep our spirits up in our time of need. The repair went smoothly and is now absolutely level.

The cleanup was as well thorough and efficient – leaving the property clean and in great shape. Thank you so much Inez and I will recommend Perma-Pier and your crew to anyone who might need your services. Great job!

-Bill P. Houston, TX 77077

Friday, September 23, 2011 8:06 PM

Subject: Write us a review . . . good or bad.: Fort Worth Name: Sylvia Smith City*: Fort Worth Upload a File: Write your review in this box. :

You did a terrific job on my mother’s foundation in 2007. My husband picked your company for her then and now we have scheduled an eval of a wing wall extension of her house. Your office staff is one of the most professional, efficient and gracious I have encountered EVER, and that review is coming for a former Chamber of Commerce employee! Many Thanks! SJS


I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the work completed on our home Grapevine, Texas. Perma-Pier was selected by our HOA to complete the required work, based on my recommendation. I recommended Perma-Pier because I was impressed with the professionalism of the sales representative for Perma-Pier, and the TV advertisements featuring Troy Dungan.

The Perma-Pier crew showed up at the scheduled time and began work on the project. When the quoted work did not perform as expected and the structure still needed to be raised to close a gap in the brick, the Field Supervisor discussed the problem and solutions with me. While I believed the foundation was going to need an additional pier, I was getting braced for an increase in the quoted price. To my surprise and relief the Field Supervisor, after talking with his supervisor, indicated Perma-Pier was going to add the additional piers at no additional cost.

I do enjoy and expect to receive quality work at a reasonable price. I do not try or expect to receive additional work at no cost. But in this case, I was very pleased and appreciative of Perma-Pier completing the additional required work at no additional cost.

I had recommended Perma-Pier to the Homeowners Association and was concerned and frustrated that I might have to be going back to the Association and trying to explain why additional cost were being incurred and having to justify the request for additional money. All work was completed with quality in a professional and courteous manner. The Field Supervisor was friendly, knowledgeable and communicated problems and solutions very clearly. The Supervisor directed and controlled the workers and completed the work in a timely manner. When the Supervisor said the work would be completed by the end of the day, I thought “no way”. He was right and the work was completed by the end of the day. The restoration and clean up of the work area was excellent. Thanks again for a job well done.

– Howard D. Watson President, Bear Run Homeowners Association

I am writing to commend your service and employees. I recently purchased a home that your company had done foundation repair on, I’m extremely happy with Perma-Pier and my experience. Not only did Perma-Pier do an outstanding job, I especially want to recognize your crew chief and his crew. Thank you again for the wonderful service!

– Ross O., Dallas TX

In summary, we are pleased with Perma – Pier Foundation Repair Company along with the manner they conduct business. We would not hesitate to recommend them to customers in need of their services

– Barbara T., Richardson TX

I highly recommend this company! Not only were they courteous and informative, they made sure I understood each aspect of the job they proposed to do. I felt their price was reasonable and that they had accurately assessed and repaired the foundation problems I was having.

– Service Magic Customer, Fort Worth TX

Thank you for the fabulous service you provide to my clients. It is so important to have a company I trust lend an expert opinion and stand by the work performed. It is an artful task to address the potential foundation issues of a property while keeping everyone calm and going forward with the sale. Perma Pier’s transferable warranty combined with a third party engineering report offer great relief to the Buyer. While deferring the repair bill to the closing table is a relief to the Seller.

Ultimately you create a Win Win relationship for all involved. I am confident referring Perma Pier to my clients and colleagues knowing they will receive the highest level of professional care.

– Gale C., ABR, CRS, Fort Worth TX

I want to thank you for a really great job, as always, the final result is even better that I imagine. I have the highest praise for Perma-Pier Foundation Repair Co., you always do what you say!

– Mike F., Funding Partners, LP

Dear Perma-Pier,

We had your company do a foundation repair in late 2008 and we were really impressed with the crew that did the work. They did the project involving 14-15 piers in a day, leaving no mess and put everything back where it was originally. It was pretty amazing to watch them work; very professional, quick and neat. About a month ago we noticed our patio door was difficult to open and a couple of cracks in a wall starting to show. We contacted you and within a couple days Chuck Arnold came out and immediately set up an appointment for a crew to come out and do the fix.

There was no question that this would be a warranty repair, no him-hawing around about anything. It just needed to be done and they took care of it. Today Victor Garcia showed up with his crew, on time and ready to go. They did the warranty repair very efficiently, neatly and amazingly were done in about 3 hours. You can hardly tell they were here. We will certainly recommend Perma-Pier to anyone that needs foundation repair. Feel free to use us for a recommendation. We are incredibly impressed!!

– Gene and Donna M. – Plano TX –

Just thought I would let you and Kendra know that the crew you sent over with Luis, did an outstanding job and the cleanup was superb. I will recommend your company for future contacts and look forward in a few months to finish the pier and beam work. Thanks again for all your efforts,sincerely,

– Nick and Sue

Dear Mr. Lawson,

On Tuesday evening, September 14th, we were visited by one of your representatives, a Mr. Joshua Benson. We had setup an appointment with him to discuss some foundation problems that had just come to light in our home.

I feel compelled to thank you for having such a person in your employ. He was not only quite informative and knowledgeable regarding root causes and solutions to foundation problems, but he was most congenial, courteous and reassuring! He never rushed us, but took the time to listen to what we had to say and took to heart our concerns. Joshua provided us with a solution to our problems, and quite frankly, we were more than thrilled that we’d not be having to mortgage our souls to pay for it!! We are still discussing options and would like to seek one more proposal before we make our final decision. It just seems the prudent thing to do. But in all sincerity, Joshua is a real keeper and an asset to your organization! We only hope that if we ultimately decide to go with Perma-Pier that Joshua will be here to oversee the process!

Once again, thank you! We will be in touch with you very soon!

– Kimble M. and Dick L. Murphy TX 75094

We want to let you know how pleased we were with the way Perma-Pier completed the work on our foundation. We understand it was a extensive job and it was handled in a very professional manner. Inez was very good about communicating with my husband and I about what was happening to our house and he also worked hard to see that we were not inconvenienced any more than necessary. Inez and his crew worked extremely hard in difficult conditions and managed to finish the job on time. They are to be commended on a fine job.

– Jim and Bonnie Carr F. TX 77441 281-346-1520

To Brian Gilchriest,

Russel and I wanted to let you know what an excellent job Inez and his crew did repairing our foundation. We are very pleased with the end results.

As you may know, Russel was in the hospital that last few days of the repair. Never having experienced a foundation repair before, we did not know what to expect. The house was put back together much better than we had envisioned, much to our relief.

Thank you again, and we will recommend you to anyone needing foundation services in the future.

Billie K. Houston TX

To: Perma-Pier

We are very pleased with Herman and his crew. They have been very kind considerate respectful and very hard working men! Herman has done everything he could do to please us and make this process go as good as possible.

It was a pleasure to work with him and his crew!

-Dean & Deborah Houston, Texas 78659

I’m appreciative of your employees, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say
“Thanks, for a job exceptionally well done”. I hope the following comment will be noted on their personal files.

Michael Edwards who presented on excellent presentation of your company, its products and services. His courtesy, patience and professionalism meant so much to me as an individual and customer.

Ricky and his crew were also outstanding, professional and courteous. They left my property immaculate condition. They also made an impression on a neighbor who observed the repair process

Perma-Pier was referred to me by Mary Jo Blaine, Realtor.

Sherry V. Dallas, TX

Hi Wesley,

Thankyou for sending Juan and his 2 man crew to fix my sink holes on Friday. I must commend Juan for his good work and great people skills. He seems to be a great employee to have. It was late Friday evening when they got there after working another job and they did th job right and didn’t try to hurry thru it. And he made sure before he left that I was satisfied with the crews work.

Thanks for your help.

Dorothy W.


Just wanted to send you a thank you email. Perma Pier came out to the house and put the piers in that you recommended. I am happy with the quality of work that was performed as well as the customer service you provided me along the way. I hope you will forward this email to your supervisor and get some recognition. You deserve it.

Thanks again.

Everett W.


Don, just wanted to say a word of “thanks” for your job on the foundation. After seeing all the bushes uprooted and lying on the ground around all the deep holes you dug for the piers, we were sure we would have to be replacing most of our landscaping in those areas. We could not believe it when we came back after the cleanup and found almost no trace of anyone ever having been there. The bushes were all back in place, the heaps of mud and dirt were totally gone, the grass showed no sign of mud, and even the one hole that was made through the tile on the patio was completely patched and re-grouted and as good as new.

We were delighted to find that the interior doors of the house are now easily opened and it looks like we may only need to shave a little off one door to have every door working perfectly. You cannot imagine how pleased we have been with your work and your willingness to answer every rediculous question we could come up with. We will be passing on your name and number to anyone we come across who might have need of your services. Be assured that we will be glad to share our experience should a future homeowner request a referral. Thanks again for your quality work and for your great attitude. It has truly been a pleasure working with you.

Best regards,

Phil and Diane V.

To Wesley Perma-Piers Warranty Manager,

“I love the job your men did at my house, Victor and Saturmano did a very very good job, I can’t even tell that anything was ever wrong. I love the job very much, thank you and God bless you all.”

C. Webster – De Soto, TX

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